HJ Exclusive: What You Need to Know About the Amazon Hair Salon in London

by laurahusband / last updated April 26, 2021

Amazon Hair Salon London

The first ever Amazon hair salon opened on Brushfield Street, Spitalfields, London on Wednesday 21 April in collaboration with Elena Lavagni. HJ speaks exclusively to Elena Lavagni and Amazon to get the inside scoop on what this new partnership and salon will mean for the wider professional hairdressing industry.

What is the new Amazon Hair Salon in London?

Amazon, which is best known for being an online website that is able to deliver everything from books and groceries within a day thanks to its Prime Delivery service, has landed on the high street with its first ever professional hairdressing salon.

The salon is based on Brushfield Street in London’s Spitalfields and is set over two floors and more than 1,500 sq. ft.

It will be used to trial the latest technology from augmented reality (AR) hair consultations featuring virtual hair colours to entertainment on Fire tablets at each styling station and  a dedicated creative area to capture final looks.

The salon features Amazon’s bestselling professional hair care products and will be used to test new point-and-learn technology, where clients can point at a product on a display shelf to see more information, such as brand videos and educational content on a display screen.


QR codes to order products via Amazon.

To order the retail products within the salon, customers can scan the relevant QR code on the shelf to visit the product detail page on and purchase with delivery direct to their home.

The salon is open to Amazon employees at the moment with bookings for the general public expected in the coming weeks.

Interactive products

A screen with information about the retail products.

The hair care and styling services at the Amazon Salon in London are being provided by Elena Lavagni.

HJ’s exclusive interview with Elena Lavagni about the new Amazon Hair Salon

What inspired you to work with Amazon on this new project? 

I’m really proud to be involved in the launch of the Amazon Salon. London is at the forefront of fast-moving hair styling trends and the latest in products and technology. I’m always looking for the next big treatment, product or style, it’s that curiosity which really drives me forward and this new concept was really exciting to me.

Amazon hair salon

The Amazon Hair Salon in London.

What makes the Amazon hair salon different to other hair salons on the high street?

Amazon Salon offers new ways for customers to learn about products and try new styles. It’s a new concept and I can’t wait to hear what clients think.

Should the hair industry be worried about Amazon opening its first hair salon? 

I think it’s really exciting that Amazon is getting behind the world of hair and looking to collaborate.


Is there anything the professional hairdressing industry can learn from Amazon?

I strive to never stop learning and discovering. Amazon Salon gives me the opportunity to work with a business that always puts the client and their needs first – that’s something that really resonated with me and the values we have at Neville.

HJ exclusive interview with Amazon about the new salon in London

Why has Amazon decided to create its first hair salon? 

We hope this will be a new experience for customers where they can come and interact with some of the leading technology, hair care products, and stylists in the industry. Customers will be able to try new styles with immersive technology, shop for the products they love on Amazon Beauty, and of course arrange an appointment with a stylist.

Fire Tablet

Fire Tablets at every styling station.

Are there plans to open more Amazon hair salons?

This will be an experiential venue where we showcase new products and technology, and there are no current plans to open any other Amazon Salon locations.

Can you tell us about the partnership with Elena Lavagni?

Elena Lavagni will provide the hair care and styling services at Amazon Salon. We have a world-class salon industry in the UK and we wanted to collaborate with industry leaders like Elena to bring this salon to life.

 Should UK hair salons be concerned about this new initiative? 

We want this to be a place where we collaborate with the industry and there are no current plans to open any other Amazon Salon locations.

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