British Hairdressing Business Awards

How a British Hairdressing Business Award Can Boost Your Career

by Matthew Batham / May 3, 2017

With the closing date for HJ’s British Hairdressing Business Awards this Friday, here’s a timely reminder of why its worth entering. We asked last year’s winners what it meant to them to take home their trophy and how the accolade had benefited their businesses or career.

“It was a huge honour to have been awarded the accolade of Business Director of the Year. This has been a personal ambition of mine to receive for some time. It represented validation from my peers and professionals within the industry for whom I have immense respect and whose success I aspire to emulate. From the perspective of the Andrew Price Group, the award brings with it a gravitas to support our claims of excellence. I have never been more inspired to raise the bar for my business and I actively encourage the same of all my employees.”

Andrew Price, Andrew price Group. Winner: Director of the Year

“We worked really hard on our entry to ensure it encapsulated everything we do together and everything we bring as individuals to the salon.

Winning this award was the career highlight of a lot of team members, and it confirmed the belief they have in themselves.

This is a fantastic award to win because every single person has won it and everyone can take some credit for making the team great. Our regular clients love that “their” salon holds this award and the PR from this win continues to bring in new clients every day and business has grown 11% in the past six months.”

Kerry Mather, KJM Salons, Fleet. Winner: Salon Team of the Year

“Winning Salon Stylist of the Year made me very proud. Being recognised for my contribution to the industry was amazing. It’s so nice for people to think you’re great at what you love doing day in, day out, and that’s what is important to me. Having the award in the salon helps drive me every day to be the best I can be.

My award has pushed me to the next level with my career at Hare & Bone. I have since been promoted to Art Director for the company, enjoying time with my clients, educating our apprentices and spending time with the team.”

Chloe Ascott, Hare & Bone, London. Winner: Salon Stylist of the Year

“It’s been an amazing journey opening my eyes to the endless possibilities the industry has to offer. Being recognised for my, and the salon’s, hard work, for the belief in ourselves and our salon is just a wonderful feeling. Its opened doors for us and enabled us to connect with the right people and helped to get the whole team much more involved with want we want the salon to achieve and for its future developments. As a manager you need to inspire others and winning this prestigious award has certainly achieved this and helped to put us on the map.”

Claire Timlin, En Route Hair & Beauty, Wakefield. Winner: Manager of the Year



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