British Hairdressing Awards

Sally Brooks – 2017 British Hairdresser of the Year Collection

by alexherrera / November 28, 2017

In her stunning British Hairdressing Award winning collection Sally Brooks showcases a plethora of hairdressing techniques to be envied.

On the beautiful images, Sally said; “My collection is a compilation of single images rather than one whole collection. I am always inspired by people around me and this shoot is no different – I choose my models first before the concept, as I find a girl’s face and attitude inspiring. I designed the whole collection around three girls I met who inspired me. It was a two-day shoot to remember and a wish that I could do this every day with my favourite team – my passion of creating not only hair, but a total look.”

With this being her first time as a British Hairdresser of the Year nominee Sally was understandably stunned at her win. As she took the stage of the awards she addressed the crowd; “Thank you to my team, not only for supporting me but for supporting each other.” She also encouraged her fellow hairdressers to take part in the awards; “I never thought I’d be standing up here accepting this! Especially in front of people I respect so much.”

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