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This is How to Cast Models for your Awards Entries

by akesha / last updated March 10, 2021

how to cast models for bha collection cos sakkas

If you’re new to the world of shooting your hairdressing collections for awards entries then you might not know where to start.

It can feel like there is a long list of things to remember to put together, but one of the top things should be casting models. The right models can transform your styles and give the collection the edge it needs to be a winning one. We spoke to British Hairdressing-Award-winning hairdresser Cos Sakkas for his tricks on how to cast models for your awards collection.

And there couldn’t be a better time to read this article, as entries opened for the British Hairdressing Awards 2021, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional on Monday 8 March.

1 Have a look at links and ask the agency to send you girls to go with your vibe, but always do a live casting to choose the model. This will give you an idea of whether the girl will be right for you on the day. Take a photo of the model from different angles; if they can’t attend the casting ask the booker for an image of them with no make-up or hair done, face on and profile.

2 The model’s book will give you an idea of the ‘character’ they can play, but remember these images will be retouched.

3 At the casting always touch the hair – is it fine? How does the hairline sit? Does it need a root retouch? Does it need cutting into shape?

how to cast models for bha collection tips from cos sakkas4 Consider the face shape – the hair and the face are as important as each other and the style you want to create should complement the face. You also need to choose a model that fits your story, otherwise she will ruin the whole concept.

5 For a photo shoot the height of the girl isn’t essential so bear in mind their face and hair rather than their height and shoe size!

6 Check what you can do to the hair before you book your model. Some competitions don’t allow wigs, so you need to be able to afford to cut and colour it into the style you want.

7 Don’t ruin the model’s hair – remember she has to work again after your photo shoot! So, if you are going for something quite dramatic make sure the model and the booker are aware of your plans.

8 There are a lot of models who appear in lots of different collections, so if you are using a popular model do something different – add a texture or shape, make it your own.

9 As well as agencies check out social media – put a call out and see who comes back. There are some great unprofessional girls around, so start building relationships with them on Instagram and Facebook.

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