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Full Package: Marcus King

by / May 19, 2013


The team behind this award-winning image talk us through its creation.


I think this image works because it initially looks like an easy style, but it was actually quite complex to get right. This could easily just become a ‘big hair’ look but it’s all about the balance, texture and shape. The way the texture flows from backcombed at the roots to freer at the ends helped me create the shape. The model suits having her hair off her face, and as she has petite features it was important that the hair enhanced rather than overshadowed them.

Marcus King, North Eastern Hairdresser of the Year 2012


The strength shape and beauty of the hair was balanced with simple touches including the sheer, white lace of the dress, so I followed the sense of texture, and gave a slight nod to Renaissance painting in how this image was lit and shot.

Jack Eames


The unstructured, wild texture of the hair is feminine and desirable. Although in shape it is strong and directional, the lack of hard lines provides a natural quality, which paired perfectly with tonal make-up and the elegant ruffles of this Temperley dress. The overall look is romantic effortlessness personified.

Thea Lewis


This image works so well because of the attention to detail. There is a lot of texture within the hair and styling, but this is balanced out by a softness that draws people in. The combination of feminine elegance with statement details adds an effortless edge to the shot, which epitomizes the Hooker & Young brand.

Rachael Grieve, AJC PR



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