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British Hairdressing Awards

Tips on Entering the British Hairdressing Awards From a Previous Winner

by akesha / last updated May 22, 2019

Not to alert you but there is less than a month to go until the closing date for the first round of entries for HJ‘s British Hairdressing Awards sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional.

The awards are known as the biggest in the business and are a worthwhile investment to catapult your work to the mainstage.

Karen Thompson took home the Scottish Hairdresser of the Year title at the 2018 awards. “Entering the British Hairdressing Awards is really fantastic for a number of reasons, including building your reputation as a hairdresser in the industry and also your reputation in the town your salon is in, having a positive effect on your business,” said Karen.

Here we asked her how to prepare for your awards entry for the best chance of taking home the trophy.

1. Having a vision/inspiration

Inspiration is all around us and you can find inspiration by people watching, reading magazines, architecture, nature, anything! Coming up with an idea for your shoot can be as easy as walking around your town, seeing something that looks beautiful and wanting to incorporate this into a collection of hair looks.

For me, last year I knew I wanted to create hair that clients would love, looks that were beautiful and soft, looks that would work for my salon.

It’s important to know what you want or have a vision of what you want to achieve before you organise your shoot so that you can turn up and everything goes as smoothly as possible.

2. Preparing and planning for the shoot

Prior to your shoot you should make sure everything is planned to perfection. You have your studio, photographer, makeup artist, stylist and models booked.

However, it’s so important that you spend time looking for the best possible models that fit your brief. Always have a brief in mind (e.g. whether you want short or long haired girls or both, what colour of hair you want them to have or if you want to colour their hair yourself).

If you want to cut or colour models hair it’s so important to discuss this with agencies first so that you can make sure the models you like are happy to go ahead with the transformation.

Be sure to also give your stylist a brief prior to the shoot, depending on your theme or what your inspiration is so that you can work together to discuss clothing that will work perfectly with the hair.

I also think considering your photographer is key. Having a photographer that understands your vision and how you want your images to look is really important and the key to having beautiful finished images.

Selecting the best images that showcase your skill and look great as a collection

Once you’ve shot and you’re happy with your images it’s time to decide on your favourite images and what you want to submit to the awards. This is not as easy as it sounds! You could have hundreds of images and trying to whittle it down to four can be hard work.

However, it’s important that you look at all your images together, pull out the best ones, and start to whittle your images down one by one. It’s important to choose images that showcase different looks, different skills and that are images of different models, so that you have a variation in your collection.

Once you’ve whittled your images down to four it’s important that you look at the images together and make sure they look good together, they all fit and look like a great collection. To win a British Hairdressing Award is such an honour, as they are such prestigious industry awards.

Client’s love to hear you’ve won an award and you will find that many of your loyal clients will mention this to their friends and family, bringing you new clients into the salon.

Other industry experts will start to recognise your name and salon, which is a truly amazing feeling and it’s great to be able to develop great relationships with other people in the industry and expand your contacts in this incredible industry that we are a part of!

Winning the awards also gives you such incredible satisfaction, you feel like you’ve really accomplished something. You can also use your collection images in your salon windows, to send out to press and on your social media, drawing in new clients, getting your name out there and showing your creativity internationally.

For more information about the British Hairdressing Awards click here

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