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Colour vs Black and White – What’s the Best Way to Shoot your BHA Collection?

by kieran / last updated May 24, 2021

colour vs black and white

It’s an age-old consideration which has crossed the minds of almost anyone who has put together their own hair collection – colour vs black and white. What’s the best for your creations?

There’s arguments to be made for both sides, so, as we approach the deadline for first entries for HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional (2 July 2021 at 5pm) we ask some of last year’s winners to explain the creative process behind their shoots and presentation.



Andrea Giles and Terri Kay BHA shoot

Men’s Hairdresser of the Year

Andrea Giles & Terri Kay, Mark Leeson

“To be honest, the pair of us have always preferred to shoot our mens collections in black and white. The styling of this specific shoot was going very much down the ‘white shirt’ route – and when we sketched the shapes we initially wanted to create they looked so sharp that we felt that would be best captured in black and white. We genuinely feel that it shows the line, the texture and depth of our work so much better – the clarity is spot on.” 


Thomas Hills BHA shoot, colour vs black and white story

Southern Hairdresser of the Year

Thomas Hills, TH1 Hair

“I have always been in  love with black and white photography. The reason why I choose to mainly shoot in this style is down to the shadows I can create and the timeless effect it can give the image. Most of my inspiration comes from 1920’s pictures – the feel of class and strength they show is so timeless.”

“Both times I have won, my images have been very current but with a timeless attraction. To win southern has been the highlight of my career, so to win twice was unbelievable. To know the industry judges liked them too was the icing on my cake for me.”



Sylvestre Finold BHA shoot

Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year

Sylvestre Finold, Metropolis Hairdressing

“I chose colour on my winning collection first because I just love it. If you look at my two winning collections, you will see a lot of bright or pastel colours. I believe that colour really brings your images to life and really makes the images pop. Of course, the way you place your colours is so important; I think you need to surprise people when they look at your collection, as in they don’t know where the colours are coming from, especially when working in the Avant Garde.

“I like to work my colours visually. I often use a sponge, where you don’t get any harshness, as well as creating some shadows and contrasts to really compliment the shape I am creating. I am a believer that colour affects people’s mood.


Dylan Brittain BHA shoot, colour vs black and white story

Scottish Hairdresser of the Year

Dylan Brittain, Rainbow Room International

“I chose to submit a colour collection as I feel you can only really get a true sense of the style created when you see it from every dimension and angle. Using colour in photography allows the consumer/judges to fully appreciate the style from a wholly holistic perspective; movement, depth of tones, the texture and condition of hair all add to the overall technicality of the style, and I truly believe that colour is the best way to bring these elements – and the overall look – to life.

”Also, my Salon is the Rainbow Room- shooting in colour is the only way to represent the salon’s work in it’s full colour!”


What’s your opinion on colour vs black and white photography? We’d love to see what you think, and the best way is to enter your own collection for HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards 2021, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional!

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