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HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards Winners Reveal How to Create a Collection as a Duo

by laurahusband / last updated November 17, 2020

British Hairdressing Awards Collection Duo

HJ’s Men’s Hairdressers of the Year at HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional 2019 Jim Shaw and Daisy Carter reveal how to create a collection together as a duo.

How did you both start to work with one another on collections? How did the conversation start?

Daisy – 9 years ago I began working for Jim, around this time he was working on one of his British Hairdressing Awards Men’s Hairdresser of the Year entry collections. Straight away this caught my interest so I asked to assist Jim. Straight away on our first ever shoot together we just clicked. I knew what he was thinking and the artistic flow through the day was incredible. We were instantly hooked with working together.

What inspired you both to do men’s collections specifically?

Daisy – Jim was already extremely experienced in men’s hair, with an eye for clean and precise hair. I myself have a real passion for its precision, and knew that our ideas together would be incredible.

Do you both have the same style of work?

From day one we have always been in complete sync. We love the same looks, the same styles and even the same way of working. We both love the journey of a hairstyle, from the idea, to the physical process in which we create the final look.

Why do you feel like you are the perfect partnership?

Our friendship has always allowed us to speak truthfully with one another and we both believe this is crucial throughout the process of creating our collections. For us we are truly in our element on shoot day, we bounce off one another and always have a very intense but fantastic day beginning to end!

What would you say each other’s biggest strength is in regards to men’s hairdressing and collection work?

The combination of Jim’s years of experience and knowledge of not just hair but fashion also and Daisy’s way of putting a young and fresh twist on styles.

When putting together ideas for your British Hairdressing Awards collection, how did you both work on this collection as a duo? 

Our first part of the creative process is always creating mood boards. Bouncing ideas off one another and finding our favourite ideas and combining them together. We always love the same ideas but sometimes take individual ideas and make them one. We both think this is what has given us such an edge. The traditional and true to us look, with a young fresh and modern twist.

 Do you ever have disagreements over the direction you want your collection to go in?

We have always put so much time and effort into out creative process and made clear decisions on what we both want to create, we have honestly had so much fun and laughter. Working together is our happy place! 

What advice would you give other hairdressers looking to collaborate on collections? What makes the perfect collab and partnership?

Our advice would be, don’t expect anything to happen overnight. Building the relationship between each other is the most important part. If you as people are in sync then so will your work and ideas be. You need to feel comfortable to communicate openly and honestly, as without that you will never be a team.

 What would you say is the most important aspect of creating an award winning collection?

Think outside the box. Don’t spend all your time looking at what has been done. Find images and ideas that you love then build your own ideas from there and always stay true to yourself!

What’s your favourite collection image and why?

We don’t have a favourite, we honestly love every image. That was our goal from the offset and we truly made it happen!

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