British Hairdressing Awards

How the British Hairdressing Awards Can Change Your Life

by laurahusband / last updated August 21, 2020

British Hairdressing Awards Change Life

Discover how entering and ultimately winning at HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional could change your life forever. 

The Coronavirus has ruined a lot of plans for 2020 but we don’t want it to prevent you from making that life-changing decision to enter so we’ve made the process easier than ever before. There’s one week left so click here to find out more about this year’s entry process and read on to find out how entering, finalising and ultimately winning at the British Hairdressing Awards, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional could change your life forever like it did for these people who won last year…

Could the British Hairdressing Awards change your life forever?

Winning at the British Hairdressing Awards is good for your family business 

British Hairdresser of the Year Robert Eaton says: “The prestige of winning this award has been wonderful for our family business. I’m a salon-based hairdresser based outside of London so I hope my win represents the hard work shown in salons across the country. I can’t wait for you to see what else I have to share this year!”

Winning will help you get noticed by brands 

Midlands Hairdresser of the Year James Earnshaw says: “Winning Midlands Hairdresser of the Year at the British Hairdressing Awards in 2019 has given me so many opportunities and has helped me to be noticed by brands that wouldn’t have seen my work before. It’s also motived the team of people I work with to achieve their own goals!”

Winning will be the best moment in your career 

North Western Hairdresser of the Year Jon Wilsdon says: “Winning has made me want to enter again even more! It’s such a great event and seeing my work in Hairdressers Journal International is one of the best moments in my career so far.”

Winning can take your career to the next level 

Southern Hairdresser of the Year Andrew Smith says: “Being named Southern Hairdresser of the Year at the British Hairdressing Awards has changed my life as it has catapulted my career beyond my wildest dreams. I was invited to solely create a global ICON collection for milk_shake and Concept and I’ve since travelled to Italy four times and three other countries (Asia is next) to teach and inspire the global education team. My work is on salon walls, in marketing materials and on videos being shared by tens of thousands of salons across the world. I’ve headed a team at London Fashion Week. I’ve been featured in eight print publications and I seriously pinch myself every single morning when I open my eyes!”

Winning benefits the entire salon team 

Northern Ireland Hairdresser of the Year Sharon Malcolm says: “I’m still elated and grateful to have won. My clientele is delighted, and it’s also brought new business to the salon. Plus, it provides awareness and recognition for my team.”

Entering and eventually winning is big learning curve  

Eastern Hairdresser of the Year Nathan Jasztal & Zoe Jasztal say: “Winning Eastern Hairdresser of the Year has been an incredible experience. The journey has been a necessary learning curve. All of the previous collections are the steppingstones to achieving the goal. To work together on this for the first time and actually win was amazing!”

Winning is the best feeling in the world 

Men’s Hairdresser of the Year Jim Shaw & Daisy Carter say: “Winning this award is the best feeling ever. Being recognised within the industry is a dream come true and it’s such a great feeling mentoring people to be able to get the crème de la crème of awards! I want this feeling forever”

Winning motivates you to become even better 

Trend Image of the Year Federico Patelli says: “Winning for me has been a celebration of the hard work behind the scenes and a team that supports me. Winning has also given me the motivation to get better and better every year.”

Winning is a dream come true

Wales & South West Hairdresser of the Year Martin Crean says: “It’s a great honour and a dream come true to be included in the Hall of Fame and to be the first person in the Cotswolds to do this. The British Hairdressing Awards, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional is so important to our industry as it showcases how talented and creative we all are.”

Winning attracts an international audience 

London Hairdresser of the Year Andy Heasman says: “It’s been such an honour winning this award and the start of my year has already been very exciting. We’ve done some big shows and we’ve had lots of attraction from international clients in our Covent Garden academy, so I hope it continues.”

Winning creates lots of publicity 

Scottish Hairdresser of the Year Jason Hall says “Wining Scottish Hairdresser of the Year has been amazing for us. Not only has it given us lots of local publicity and opportunities, but it’s also made our clients in the salon incredibly proud and the place has been buzzing ever since.”

Winning creates real excitement with the team and boosts team morale 

Artistic Team of the Year Mark Leeson Art Team say: “Winning Artistic Team of the Year at the British Hairdressing Awards is a truly amazing feeling as it involves all of our team and is the culmination of all our creativity and energy into one melting pot and everyone feels part of it. The award is great for team morale and our clients love hearing all about our accolades. We have already taken part in some amazing international shows this year.”

Winning has boosted the number of new colour clients coming into the salon 

Schwarzkopf Professional British Colour Technician of the Year Sophie Gibson & Jonathan Turner say: “Winning British Colour Technician of the Year is a dream come true, putting us in the same place as so many other hairdressers that we have looked up to throughout our whole career. It is something that we will be proud of for the rest of our lives. Our colour clientele has risen significantly, and it has brought a lot of new business to the salon. We’re so grateful to have received such an accolade and excited for our journey this year.”

Winning puts you on the map for offering specialised education 

Afro Hairdresser of the Year Rick Roberts says:“Winning at the British Hairdressing Awards was a dream come true. Winning this award has put me on the map for Afro and textured hair. I’ve won lots of Afro hairdressing awards already but winning Afro Hairdresser of the Year at the British Hairdressing Awards is my most prestigious award to date. It’s led to me being asked to teach more texture courses for Schwarzkopf Professional. Plus, I’ve been named Wahl’s UK Styling and Afro Textures Creative Director and I’m working on their Styling Artistic Team.”

Winning is a career highlight

International Collection of the Year Jacky Chan says: “It such an honour to be recognised for my craft at the highest level. The British Hairdressing Awards, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional is such a prestigious award platform and the level of talent involved was sensational. To top it off I was there in person to accept the award itself which was an out of body experience. Winning at the British Hairdressing Awards has changed my life and is already my career highlight.”

Winning can help you with future business ventures 

North Eastern Hairdresser of the Year Alexander Turnbull says: “Winning the British Hairdressing Awards in 2019 was a truly wonderful experience. This was my third win and way to go out as in October I moved to Los Angeles to launch my new range of wigs called the Alexander Couture Collection. Having this award has helped with the launch and the PR behind it as not only has my collection launched in the US, it is now available in the UK too.”

Winning is an absolute honour 

Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year Sophie Springett & Hayley Bishop says: “Avant garde was a unique challenge to anything we have done before. It required all of our passion, creativity, commitment and sanity. We gave it our everything and it’s been a whirlwind ever since winning. To be recognised for this art in an industry do full of creatives is an absolute honour.”

Winning really boosts your confidence for anything moving forward 

Newcomer of the Year Alex Morton says: “I feel so grateful to win Newcomer of the Year. It was my first award and to win alongside such creative people in the industry who are so talented and respected within the industry. It’s been a whirlwind and has already opened up so many opportunities for me. I’ve gained confidence and I’ve realised you can do anything if you set your mind to it. I’m excited for what this year will bring.”




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