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The Sweetest, Easiest Bridesmaid Hairstyles To Try

by chloe / last updated June 24, 2022

bridesmaid hairstyles

Hurrah, we’re amid wedding season! Most brides will have scoured Pinterest, booked in for trials and planned their wedding hairstyle down to the last hairpin. But, by nature of the event, the bridesmaids’ hairstyles sometimes receive less attention.

The beautification process is something a lot of brides look forward to, surrounded by their bridesmaids before they walk down the aisle together. Whether they want their ‘maids to match perfectly or showcase a mixed bag of styles, the choices are endless.

We spoke to Gustav Fouche, a London-based hairdresser with a special interest in Bridal hair to find out his favourite bridesmaid hairstyles. Here are four of the sweetest, easiest bridesmaid hairstyles to try

Accessorise, and wave

Set to make a big return this year, hair accessories are a quick and easy way to jazz up some loose, luscious waves. For a large team of bridesmaids, you may be crunched for time and after an effective way to get them aisle-ready.

elle fanning bridesmaid hairstyles

“You can see the big, prestigious design houses like Gucci, Prada and Hermes getting behind this trend with pieces of their own. It’s the perfect way to finish a look!” says Gustav.

After creating their soft, Hollywood waves, pin back a section of the hair with a bow or piece of hair jewellery. Not only is this look sugar-sweet, but bows are also a great way of tying in the colour of their dresses.

They can help to elevate the look/outfit and add a bit of sparkle and interest, tying in aspects of the outfit or even posy that they may carry,” adds Gustav.

bridesmaid hairstyles

Elle Fanning is our hair-spo for this look, she showcased a couple of dainty hair accessories across the Cannes Film Festival, from a simple black bow to a pink, beaded bow.

Sleek and sophisticated

Sleek, slicked-back hairstyles became a big trend through lockdown. Clients went longer between hair-washing and looked for ways to style their three, four, and even five-day hair. In a turn of events, these looks have resurfaced and they are now associated with the ‘clean-girl aesthetic’, and emit total class and sophistication.

“The best part is, they suit all face shapes. A ponytail is a lovely option for a bridesmaid’s hair, as it gives the vibe of ‘girl next door’ and is very fresh and approachable. It’s also an elegant choice, without trying too hard and a great hairstyle to compliment the bride,” says Gustav.

Dresses with stunning back details or necklines suit these bridesmaid hairstyles perfectly, as the hair is swept back from the face revealing their gown. Both ponytails and buns will photograph well on this special day, especially on windier days to ensure no pictures are ‘ruined’ by a face full of hair!

Isabelle huppert hairstyles

Isabelle Huppert brought youth and elegance to the Cannes Film Festival with a sleek ponytail styled by Owen Gould, with fine side pieces to frame the face. Gustav’s top tips for this look are to “start by using a very good mouse to keep the hair smooth. I love to add a bit of drama by adding extensions to the ponytail to give it more volume, if this is not for you, you can curl the ends of the ponytail and add some backcombing to the root to add some volume for such an important occasion!”.

A bouffant twist

A step-up from the classic look is the bouffant half-up, half-down. Created by Adir Abergel, Anne Hathaway showcased this stunning look with middle-parted curtain bangs at the Cannes Film Festival last month. Adir told “I thought about what [the hair] would look like from all angles, since the photo call has photographers from all angles.” (Ideal for wedding photographs)

anne hathaway cannes film festival

This look was inspired by the 1960s, as Hathaway’s curtain bangs throw light to model icons such as Farrah Fawcett.

To create this up-do, Gustav guides: “For any form of hair down or half-up looks I always recommend extensions, this helps to create volume and fullness and will help to keep the shape and style to the hair. Adding some kind of texture, like curl, root crimpers or even soft waves will help create the volume.

You can add padding to the hairstyle if the client’s hair needs extra support.  Avoid pinning the hair too tight, you want the softness and movement and of course, its got to last and feel comfortable for what can be a long day.”

Perfectly imperfect

Somewhere in-between ‘messy’ and ‘perfectly imperfect,’ this bun is a super sweet look for bridesmaids. It’s simple and understated whilst still elegant and romantic. This look is similar to the sleek ponytail in that it offers the same photogenic qualities, but this looser look may be better suited to clients who value comfort.

“A messy bun is one of the most popular hairstyles because it’s so easy to wear. It is effortless and does not try too hard, it allows the hair to fall and flow with no restrictions,” explains Gustav.

kim kardashian messy bun

Whilst in Italy for sister Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s wedding, Kim Kardashian was photographed with a Pamela Anderson-inspired messy bun. Hairstylist Chris Appleton created this look, leaving her long middle-parted bangs out to frame her face and produce an un-done look.

“The first thing you need to do is create a very strong base. This will give you the structure and support to keep the style secured. Speak to your client about what kind of texture she normally likes, some clients like it very messy and some only with a bit of texture. Once you have determined this, decide how you would create this texture by using braids, twists or pullouts. Always make sure your hairstyles are very secure,” advises Gustav.

There we have it, four super sweet and easy bridesmaid hairstyles to try this season. There’s a perfect look for each type of ‘maid. Here are some summer wedding hair tips for your brides.

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