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Top Tips for Bridal Hair Trials

by josie / last updated July 7, 2022

The Importance of Trials for Bridal Hair

HJ recently chatted to bridal experts to find out the importance of hair trials.

We’re currently in the midst of wedding season, and whilst many will have their sights set on the big day, it’s important to encourage your clients to also book in for a trial. Although many brides will be hoping to achieve the hair of their dreams, the dress is often the focal point of their appearance. Gill Berry, from JOICO’s European Design Team, shares: “Bridal trials are such a big part of the wedding planning process, and it marks the beginning of the countdown for many brides – it’s great to be a part of. I would advise trials take place eight to 10 weeks before the day, as by this time the dress will be confirmed, so we can tie the look together.”

Ensuring your brides are prepared for their trials is also key. Cimone Guggiari, of Cimone Cheveux, explains: “I would expect the bride to have all of her accessories and veil at her trail. These may seem like things that you can leave until the big day, but believe me when I say they can really help to make or break a style – plus placement is very important.”

Whilst a hair trial has obvious benefits for the bride, there are also advantages for the stylists. “Not only does the client get a vision for their big day, but the stylist can also do a run-through timing wise,” says Sheree Thompson, bridal stylist and owner of Siren Hair Art.

When it comes to preparing ahead of the trial, Gill says: “I like to create a mood board of inspiration, based on their theme, dress and wedding vibe. I incorporate a mixture of styles based on what they like don’t like, as this is a great way to be ahead of the game.”

The countdown to the big day can be stressful for some – even more so if they are undecided on their look. Cimone explains: “I try to overcome this by asking her to show me styles on her from a night out where she felt amazing. Go through images with her and see if there may be a pattern occurring – is it a curl she likes or a wave? Half up styles or up styles? I would then focus on how she feels when I am doing the style, as that says a lot about what she may be leaning towards.”

The Importance of Trials for Bridal Hair

Despite this, Sheree notes that it’s not uncommon for trials for bridal hair to not go as planned. She says: “Bridal hair is a specialised service and when something isn’t working or going the way you expect – be upfront, professional and honest, as you have no idea how much of a positive impact this will have on your relationship with the bride. Remember, you are both working towards the same goal – the perfect hair!”

Trials for Bridal Hair – Top Tips

“Don’t rush, communicate with the client and be honest,” Gill offers.

Similarly, Sheree says: “Communication, honesty and making sure you have the end goal in mind at all times.”

Meanwhile, Cimone says: “The most important thing to bear in mind for a trial is exactly that – it’s a trial. This is the time to really try things out and test out different looks so you’re always walking into that bridal morning knowing that you’re going to smash it!”

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