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Five Tips For Adding Bridal Services To Your Salon Menu

by akesha / April 30, 2018

Catering for your clients on their big day can be exciting, emotional – and rewarding. Adding bridal services to your salon menu can add another dimension to your business. Gavin Hoare, manager at Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa in London’s Sloane Square, the team behind Kate Middleton’s wedding hair, offers these tips on updating your service menu.

1 Create a wedding package to entice the budget-conscious bride, which could include a pre-wedding trial and hair services on the day.

2 Timings are key. At a time when the bride has lots of things to get stressed about, take some of the pressure off by making sure you allow enough time for the bridal party to return to their base at least an hour before they go to the wedding venue.

3 Think about the additional services a bride may want to use. If they’re going on a honeymoon, upsell your beauty – think manicures, pedicures, waxing, eyebrow shapes, eyelash extensions – the list goes on.

4  Wedding days are not only about the bride and groom – it’s also quite often about the mother of the bride too. Create something bespoke and enticing to draw her attention too.

5 Make sure the bride brings images to her trial to give you a clear direction on what she wants. You should consider the neckline of the dress and veil when discussing styles that may or may not work. She is coming to you as the expert – you need to give her expert advice in return.

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