What is Scandi Blonde? – The New Platinum Colour of the Summer

by akesha / last updated March 28, 2019

scandi blonde

Scandi blonde is apparently going to be the hottest blonde look for summer 2019 according to Harriet Muldoon, colour specialist at Larry King salon, London.

Speaking to Glamour UK Harriet said that many clients are veering away from the once popular purely icy tones in favour of adding a hint of creamy, and golden hues to their locks.

We spoke to colour experts up and down the UK to find out how to achieve this hue and find out who this it colour will suit.

What is Scandi Blonde?

Essentially the icy blondes we are used to seeing all over social has had a sunny upgrade with hints of creamier hues. “Scandi blonde hair colour is super on trend this season, which combines both warm and cool tones to create this perfect, bespoke blonde shade,” says Robert Kirby, IdHair artistic director for the UK. “When creating this kind of hair colour in the salon, I always use IdHAIR’s Hair Paint range.”

What base do you need to achieve this?

“To create this crisp colour, you must ensure the balance of both warm and cool tones is even in order to
get the perfect result. You need to base your combination of colour on the colour and condition of
the clients hair and whether they have had colour placement previous to this,” says Chris Williams International Colour Director for Rush Hair.

“Of course this depends on on the number of appointments it will take to lift the hair to this level. Lifting to this level within one appointment can be done, however again, it is all dependent on the clients current hair state. I would also suggest using a toner to give the blonde the perfect tone.”

How hard is it to upkeep?

Depending on how happy your client is with showcasing roots, a 6-8 week touch up is recommended to keep hair looking fresh. To keep brassiness at bay and hair in the optimum condition having regularly conditioning treatments should also be recommended.

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