Achieving The Barbie Blonde Look

by chloeweldon / last updated July 28, 2022

Margot Robbie Barbie Blonde

The Barbie Blonde trend is taking over this summer with A-lister celebs such as Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Anya Taylor-Joy and Margot Robbie (the ultimate Barbie thanks to her latest role), all opting for signature platinum shades of blonde. HJ spoke with Kieron Fowles, Creative Director at Regis Salons to get the low-down.

“This relaunch of the never dying platinum blonde trend from the catwalk to the client, hits back strong and can be a major makeover for 2022, by transforming the hair from root to tip to the perfect balanced Barbie Blonde. Or even a style refresher to your existing brunettes and blondes, by ramping it up a notch and bleaching out by going lighter,” says Kieron.

Being Barbie blonde comes with a commitment. Do clients expect any less for a look so iconic? “We must do it correctly, and with professionalism to ensure we’re protecting the hair,” stresses Kieron. “At Regis Salons, we have Wella Professionals master colour experts who are committed to achieving clients’ goals.”

Trust the process

“From taking the plunge and going for the Barbie Blonde look or introducing lighter shades to the hair by bleaching out, for the best results and protection, slowly but surely does it. Your client doesn’t have to start out as blonde as Barbie, it’s a transitional and rewarding process,” states Kieron.

When achieving the Barbie Blonde look, Regis Salons, one of the largest hair and beauty operators of Wella master colour experts in the UK, work with the best professional haircare ranges to push the hair to the desired results.

Barbie Blonde Before


Barbie Blonde after


“On this look, we used Wella Professionals BlondorPlex Multi Blonde Dust-Free Powder Lightener and low volume developer to lighten the hair to a clean Barbie level lift of 10. The plex in the product protects the hair whilst slowly lifting.

“Everyone has their signature blonde preference when it comes to toning and glazing to make it bespoke, whether it sits more ashy, white, creamy, natural, no tone or a little warmer. You can also opt for no toner like the icon herself, but the options for toning and glazes are now limitless to cater to your clients’ blonde goals,” adds Kieron.

Taking care of the colour

Aftercare is key for this look. “It’s about looking after the blonde with regular services to maintain condition, the overall look and feel,” explains Kieron. “Clients should ensure to use low or less heat, and make sure to use good quality, professional products.”

Speaking of blondes, here are bespoke blondes to suit your client’s skin tone.

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