Hairstyle Step by Step: Blonde Geometric Bob

by alexherrera / June 3, 2009

sbs-jan23-master.pngA step-by-step guide to creating a blonde geometric bob, infused with pastel violet and orange shades, created by the international Trend Zoom creative team for Goldwell.

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Before > Step One > Step Two
BEFORE 1. A triangle-shaped fringe was taken from the recession area, extending to the highest point of the head. The front was divided from the back vertically from ear to ear. Using upward curving partings, the nape was sectioned from ear to ear. 2. Starting at the centre back section, an upward curved guideline was cut with the longest points behind the ears. Hair was graduated by elevating slightly to the guideline.
Step Three > Step Four > Step Five
3. The next section was cut by directing to the guideline to create a soft bob-line, elevating slightly. The sides were connected, allowing the curvature to become longer at the front. 4. Hair through the back and sides was taken to the curved guideline. 5. Hair was blow-dried. Fine sections were taken and the fringe cut into an organic, asymmetric shape. It was left longer through the sides and left disconnected. A vertical section at the back was connected to the graduation, working parallel to the head shape radiating around the head.


Step Six > Step Seven > Step Eight
6. This was repeated in eyelet 3 at the back left. Then formula B was applied to a connecting slice between eyelet 1 and 3. 7. Formula D was applied to the rest of the hair and left to process for 20 minutes. 8. Starting in eyelet 1 on the front right using the back-to-back foiling technique, hair was sliced diagonally and formula B and C was applied alternately. In eyelet 2 at the right back formula B and C was applied alternately.
Step Nine > Step Ten > Styling
1. Hair was sectioned 2in around the crown. Starting on the left side, a back-to-back foiling technique was used. Slight diagonal slices were taken and formulae A, B and C applied in alternating slices. 2. In the back section, formulae A, B, C and D were applied in alternating slices. This was repeated on the front section and the right side section. Formulae C and D were applied to the rest of the hair and left to process for 20 minutes. STYLING: Hair was smoothed with irons and cream paste applied for hold and shine.



A: 50ml 9% (30 vol) Topchic Lotion + 25ml Topchic 11N special natural blonde

B: 30ml Colorance Lotion + 10ml Colorance 9V pastel violet + 5ml Colorance Clear

C: 40ml Colorance Intensive Lotion + 15ml Colorance 9BN + caramel blonde 5ml Colorance GG Mix gold mix

D: 40ml Colorance Lotion + 20ml Colorance 10GN light golden natural blonde

Hair by the international Trend Zoom creative team for Goldwell.


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