How to Make the Balayage Technique Work for you in 2020

by charlottegw / last updated January 23, 2020

balayage technique for business 2020

Despite the latest trends such as the 50/50 colour trend and silver hair being coveted because of social media, the balayage boom is going nowhere fast so we asked Sally Brooks to share her tips for making a healthy profit from the low maintenance colour technique.


What business challenges do salons with a large balayage clientele face?

When clients say balayage it’s important not to mistake the word for looking natural. Our clients are in our chair because they want to feel and look expensive.

Balayage is a technique that is different on every client. It’s personal and made to suit the client. Balayage could be Parisian, it could be California statement ribbons, it could be root-to-tip sun-kissed or just a few light pieces.

There are many avenues and endless results we can create. The technique is freehand so the colour will grow out softer, but it still comes with maintenance if the client wants the tone to last and the condition and shine to hold.

I advise balayage clients to come back every four to six weeks for a glossing service to keep the tone and shine. Four weeks later, I would recommend a sprinkle service with a few pieces to brighten or darken to keep the contrast.

How can salons use the naturals colour trend to grow the business?

Natural is now and it’s tomorrow – it’s how we are living and how the world is moving forward. L’Oréal Professionnel’s Majirel Glow for example, is changing the colour game as it’s a range that can suit every client. It’s the brand’s first ever translucent permanent colour that offers neutralisation and luminosity.

It’s great for refreshing our balayage clients but it’s also ideal for a client who shies away from colour. The results are natural and organic – it’s not a heavy saturated colour that you would expect from a permanent colour range. You can also use it with trend-driven clients as the nude palette is super-modern for blondes, but also for more low maintenance clients who may only see us for cuts.

What colour techniques do you predict will be popular in 2020?

There is a huge move towards colour blocking techniques – think 1990s and early 2000s with a twist as seen on Dua Lipa, using a two-toned technique to create impactful colour. Hot roots is also a trend with statement regrowths and colour pops as seen on Billie Eilish.

How will balayage evolve in 2020?

Balayage is not a trend – it’s a service that’s here to stay and that’s because we can tailor make our techniques to suit any client that walks through our door. For 2020 low maintenance becomes high maintenance so I’ll be using Majirel Glow as the perfect lip gloss for the hair to keep balayage feeling glossy and fresh.

Why should balayage clients be encouraged to come into the salon regularly?

It’s important we don’t mistake balayage clients for being low maintenance. More lived-in,
organic-feeling colour often means the client is a regular at the salon because she wants to look expensive.

The benefits of a balayage client coming to see us every six weeks as opposed to six months means we can keep the hair in its best condition. We use Majirel Glow as a glossing service to revamp or neutralise the tone – this way we are constantly in control of keeping our client’s hair palette modern and giving them a colour that will be loved wash after wash.

The balayage client service menu

Depending on the client’s needs we offer services to top-up their colour between appointments:

  • Sprinkle of colour – This could include babylighting a halo section through the top to add shine and texture to the hair.
  • Face framing – Focusing on freehand painting around the hairline to create a pop of brightness through the front.
  • Glossing – To add shine, tone and neutralise unwanted colour.
  • Zone toning – Working with melting two tones with two levels of contrast to create a gradient of colour. It’s a great technique to create seamless colour results and dimension in the hair.
  • Backwash balayage – To enhance a natural base giving one to two shades of lightness with a quick express technique.

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