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These are the Blonde Hues You’ll be Seeing This Summer

by akesha / last updated May 24, 2018

With the news that blonde is the nation’s favourite hair colour it’s no surprise that the number of clients requesting variations on blonde hues are at a peak and this just increases as customers choose to lighten up for summer.

Here, Goldwell guest artist Beverly C MBE talks us through this summer’s hottest blonde hues…

ICE CREAM – Blonde tones of Lavender, Pinks, Mint, Rose, Yellow and Indigo are massive this year – giving subtle or vibrancy to blonde base colour that’s totally ageless. Whether using Goldwell Top Chic, Colourance or Elumen these colour palettes are pretty much the result of a milky mixture of iridescent tones—almost like puff of cotton candy. I strongly believe these colours will dominate 2018 hair trends.

ASH TONES – Don’t think last year’s grey – think Dusty Pink/Ash or Rose/Ash and shaded Violets which give a beautiful hue of colour and is easy to wear due to the violet undertones against the skin. A head-turner as a toner or full head colour.

AMBER/COPPER/GOLD BLONDES – Warm, honey and copper-blonde shades will reign as one of this year’s most sought-after blonde, and you’ll be seeing a spike in sun-kissed golden-ombré hues come summer. Rose Gold Coppers with Pinky tones mixed in give a fresh new look to blondes for summer.

ICE QUEEN BLONDES – Are here to stay. First lighten the hair to platinum blonde, then using a mix of violet-based toners for a pastel finish. And, since the colour is so light and sheer, it’ll eventually just fade to blonde, making this look insanely easy to maintain with just violet shampoo.

SWEET BLONDES – for a simpler understated blonde effect – Liquid Caramel and vanilla blondes are subtle yet still exude a glamour blonde statement.

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