Sharpen Up Your Skills to Boost Your Salon Business

by kate woods / last updated May 3, 2018

Wouldn’t it be great to add an extra £5,000 a year to your bottom line? Imagine a point of difference that makes you the talk of the town with male clients. In this competitive industry you need to do something special to stand out.

It’s time to get cut throat about it.

(Excuse the pun), but did you know that the cost of a shave has increased more than 20% in the last three years?

It now averages at £17 per wet shave – which means you would only have to shave an average of one client a day to add those FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS to your bank account each year.

And that’s before you even start to think about multiple shave clients or the lucrative retail opportunities wet shaving presents.

Get Skilled in the Art of Shaving

Premium men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge are on a mission to help salons to capitalise on this exciting opportunity – and they’ve enlisted Master Barber and Britain’s Best Shave 2015 winner Luigi Caterino to help them.

Together, they’ve created The Signature Shave, a one-day course that covers everything you need to know to add a premium shave experience to your salon.

Grow Your Skills AND Your Bottom Line

The Bluebeards Revenge know how precious your time is, so they only teach courses that are packed-full of content you really can apply in your salon.

The Signature Shave Course, taught by Luigi Caterino
This one-day course covers
– Cut-throat razor techniques
– Hot towel treatments
– Face massages
– Shaving product demonstrations
– Health and safety

You’ll also leave with a certificate and a complimentary Shaving Bundle worth £100.  AS AN ADDED BONUS, YOU’LL SAVE 10% OFF YOUR SIGNATURE SHAVE DAY WHEN YOU QUOTE HJ10*.

To book phone 01752 898191, email or visit the website.

Luigi’s Top Tips to Master the Signature Shave

  1. Wear tight-fitting gloves while shaving to improve how much you can feel your client’s face for a closer, smoother shave.
  1. Hygiene is of the upmost importance. Make sure you use a sharp, new replaceable blade in your cut-throat razor for every shave. Change the blade in front of your client to make them feel safer as well.
  1. Add a face scrub to exfoliate your client’s skin and remove dirt and grime. This will also add an extra pampering element that will set your shave apart from the competition.
  1. Pinch the hairs on your shaving brush to reduce the surface area of the bristles and easily coat the moustache area without covering your client’s mouth.
  1. Finish the shave by dusting a little talcum powder to remove excess moisture that might still be sitting on the face.

The Bluebeards Revenge training
To book phone 01752 898191, email or visit the website.

*This discount code will expire at 11.59pm on 31/06/2018. A course must booked in before 11.59pm on 31/12/2018 for the discount to be valid. All dates are subject to educator available.

This is a sponsored post by The Bluebeards Revenge


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