Fellowship First Spotlight Event

The Fellowship’s First Spotlight Event Celebrates Hairdressing Talent

by laurahusband / last updated May 10, 2021

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing hosted its first Spotlight event, which replaced its Member’s Night and gives hairdressing talent the opportunity to share their skills with a virtual audience.

The Fellowship’s First Spotlight Event Promotes Fresh Hairdressing Talent

The Fellowship’s first Spotlight event was hosted by President Ken Picton and ClubStar artistic team leader Karoliina Saunders.

The evening saw fresh hairdressing talent present a four-minute show to a global virtual audience as well as a panel of esteemed ‘spies in the skies.’

The eight presenting teams included:

  • Vicky Leavey, Vicky Leavey Hair,
  • Tammy Reynolds, Tammy Reynolds for Hair
  • Chelsey Stone, The Hair School
  • Amy Christie, The Gym
  • Victoria Hughes, Melissa Timperley Salons, Manchester
  • Stacie Woodford-Jennings, JET Hairdressing Academy
  • Vivienne Johns, The Hairdressers Social Club
  • Darrel Starkey-Gettings, Taylor’s Hair Studio

While Darrel Starkey-Gettings of Taylor’s Hair Studio used the opportunity to present vivid colour, while Victoria Hughes from Melissa Timperley Salons, Manchester talked through her 1960s-vibe mood boards.

Stacie Woodford-Jennings of Jet Hairdressing Academy showcased the team’s avant-garde work on life-size mannequins and Vicky Leavey from Vicky Leavey Hair summed up the evening when she said: “We are creators, we are inspirers, we are innovators and we are artists.”

The expert panel, which provided feedback on their presentation skills, creativity and on-trend looks included:

  • Errol Douglas MBE
  • Nick Irwin
  • Karine Jackson
  • Jonathan Andrew
  • Robert Masciave
  • Bruno Giamattei

What is the Spotlight event?

The Fellowship Spotlight event replaces the ever-popular Member’s Night. The event still features special interviews with leading members of the hairdressing industry.

The Fellowship’s first Spotlight event, for example included exclusive interviews with Manchester salon owner Melissa Timperley and Fellowship Hairdressers of the Year, Gary Hooker and Michael Young at Hooker & Young.

Fellowship President Ken Picton said:

We know how important digital events are to the industry and tonight has been fantastic. Spotlight has to stay even when we open back up to some sort of normality.

Go to fellowshiphair.com/join/spotlight to rewatch the first Spotlight event right now! 

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