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Barber Backchat: Tom Chapman Reveals What He’s Bringing to Salon International

by charlottegw / last updated August 2, 2018


Tom Chapman will be appearing on the HJ Men stage at this year’s Salon International. To kick off our new Barber Backchat series, we caught up with him to find out what he’s planning for his stage slot, what his favourite hair image is and how he would describe himself in three words.

What are you planning for your stint on the HJ Men stage?
When I was asked to be part of the HJ Men stage the first thing that came to mind was to bring the Fit For Vikings Academy team, of which I have recently just been made the lead of, to the stage. I have put together a brand new curriculum to create a 15 week course all about the learner, creating a structure from 12 FFV step by steps which will enable the learner to understand everything from weight, length and sectioning to texturising techniques and more. Taking inspiration from all the different types of education I have experienced through the years from my early days at Toni & Guy to being on the board of barbers for City & Guilds.

Describe the moment you knew you wanted to go into men’s hairdressing?
It was when I was at Toni&Guy and I was into alternative and punk rock music scene. My friends wanted mohawks and more extreme looks. At the time no clippers were allowed in the salon so I bought a pair of clippers and started focusing on mens shorter haircuts at home. I fell in love with that precision and extreme looks. That is where it started and the blend of self taught clipper work with the precision and structure of my Toni&Guy education gave me a whole new exciting direction.

What’s your favourite hair image?
Kevin Luchmun never fails to stun me! He has such a good eye and understanding for being able to bring the most out of the model and the haircut to create a story. I’d love to work with him one day.

What is your favourite Salon International memory?
Probably the first time I walk through those doors of the London Excel all those years ago when I was an apprentice. Feeling that energy and buzz and seeing what is possibly within the best industry on the planet is brilliant.

What makes you feel proud?
I feel proud to be part of this industry. When I travel the industry is so welcoming anywhere I go. From USA to Taiwan, everyone has the same passion and drive to make the hair business even better and are so willing to share their knowledge. I am also very proud of what we have achieved with The Lions Barber Collective and how we can, as barbers can make a difference to save a life, that is something we can all be proud of. I’m sure everyone in this industry has made a difference to a least one client, whether they realise it of not.

Where will we find you at Salon International when you’re not on stage?
Probably running around catching up with everyone and having a lot of meetings! Its the one time where everyone is in the same place and makes it a perfect opportunity to see so many people.

How would you sum yourself up in three words?
I hope I’m kind, generous and driven.

Tom Chapman will be appearing on the HJ Men stage on Sunday 14 October at 1pm. Want to see Tom and a whole host of other big names in action? Head here to book your tickets.

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