Apprentices Speak Out – Miles Twist at Architect Hair

by laurahusband / last updated March 8, 2018

Miles Architect Hair

For the Apprentices Speak Out series, we’ve tracked down the rising stars of our industry to find out what inspired them to become a hairdresser, their biggest achievements so far and quizzed them about how we can attract more talent to our industry.

Full name: Miles Twist
Age: 24
Job title: Apprentice
Salon: Architect Hair
Date joined the salon: March 2017
Instagram: @milestwist

Why did you become an apprentice?
I wanted to develop foundations and skills in a busy and friendly salon environment.

What do you love most about your job?
Our salon owner is flexible with my time and invests a lot into her assistants – time, money and sometimes a lot of patience.

Miles Vogue

Miles on a Vogue Italia shoot with Adam Garland

What’s your biggest achievement so far?
Mastering a straight line is not as simple as it seems and working with Adam Garland on magazine shoots for Vogue Italia and Elle UK has been incredible. I’ve also worked behind the scenes on shoots with Ram Shergill, Markus Lambert and Dan Beleiu on Vogue Brasil, Vogue India, L’Officiel and Marie Claire Russia.

What advice would you give to salons on the hunt for apprentices or juniors?
Give older candidates a chance and look for people who can bring other skills to your salon.

Miles and Louise

Miles with Louise in the salon

Architect Hair salon owner, Louise Howard-Long says:

“Assistants have direct contact with clients and are an integral part of the salon experience so unmotivated assistants will cost you. An investment in a junior or apprentice is an investment in the future.”

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