Apprentices Reveal their Inspiration for Becoming a Hairdresser

by laurahusband / last updated February 3, 2021

Apprentice Inspiration

To celebrate HJ’s Apprentice Week, HJ has asked apprentices to share their inspiration for becoming a hairdresser. The apprentices also reveal where they go to research new techniques and styles and how their idols helped them to make the decision to pursue a career in hairdressing.

Apprentice’s Inspiration

Chloe Farr, Joseph Ferraro Hair

“I knew I wanted to be a hairdresser since I was 13, it was in fact the creativity of hair portrayed in film and tv that inspired me to pursue this career. As a client they walk down the street to find a hairdresser they will look for somewhere that looks nice and inviting with skilled and caring stylists that want to offer them an incredible welcome, and where they felt pampered throughout their appointment.  For me, as a client, I wanted to work somewhere that gave our clients this experience, and as an aspiring stylist it was also important to me to work somewhere that was creative, inspirational, open to new ideas and constantly striving for success.  I knew from my first meeting with Joseph that I could find all this at Joseph Ferraro Hair.

“As an apprentice, you always feel that you’re the most unexperienced person in the hairdressing world, you’re at the bottom of the hierarchy and have so much to learn. The Joseph Ferraro team have never made me feel that way.  I’m so inspired by each and every one of them, from Joseph and Nicola to my fellow apprentices. They are always open to listen to one another’s ideas, and even if it may not be right for everyone, there is never any judgement. As many people would say: ‘If you’re not happy at work, with your colleagues or with your job, you should just give up’, I know I will never feel that way with the Joseph Ferraro team.”

Chloe Ash, Mark Leeson Salon

“Growing up I always practised on my family’s hair and it sort of grew from there so I decided to study hairdressing at school. I’ve always loved seeing the transformations and being amazed about the different things you can create. It was important for me to get an apprenticeship in a reputable salon where I knew I would receive the best training, coupled with having a great experience. That for me was Mark Leeson’s and since joining I’ve not been disappointed.

“I’ve had so many great experiences that have included helping out at their fabulous photographic shoots and I even got the opportunity to join the team at the British Hairdressing Awards. Training of course is great both in the salon, and I often join Mark on his travels teaching. I can’t wait to get back to it.”

Mary Taylor, Joseph Ferraro

“Finding a fabulous apprenticeship is important, as your colleagues become a huge part of your life. Also knowing you’re right for an apprenticeship is paramount as every salon has its own unique experience. Training on the job in such a high-class salon is amazing, knowing you are going to come out of it as a more experienced and professional person as well as having a qualification which helps build the best possible future for yourself.

“I decided to be a hairdresser as I enjoy meeting new people and building strong relationships with the team. I’ve always had a strong passion for hair, even as young as five when I discovered everything you can create with hair. Making people feel beautiful is my favourite part of being an apprentice but I also love the sense of community throughout the salon.

“I’m so glad I decided to go into an apprenticeship as I love my job and everyone I work with. I love constantly learning new things and looking forward to seeing what I can achieve.”

Millie Chandler, Tristan Eves

“Being a hairdresser was something I always wanted to do, even as a child I loved playing with hair. When, at 15, I had the opportunity to do my work experience at an Aveda salon it felt like the most natural step. I enjoyed the contact and conversations with clients, finding out what they were really hoping for in their hairstyle and then beginning the journey of learning how to become a stylist myself. Once I understood the training I would need to undertake I made a conscious decision that I wanted to work at the highest level of salon that I could, even if it meant at 17 beginning an apprenticeship at a newly founded salon in Chelsea with all the commitment of travel and time that would entail.

“Meeting and working alongside stylists at the top of the profession is inspiring to me and makes me even more clear of the way I want to work and clientele I wish to work with. Being given the opportunity in 2019 to work at a salon of the standard of Tristan Eves in Petworth has been an amazing part of this process. Having mentors like Tristan and Jaclyn Smith has ignited a genuine confidence within myself that I didn’t know I had. Each stylist at the salon has made me feel such a part of the team and I have learned something new from every one of them. I’m so excited to learn so much more and see what the future holds.”

Luke McVey, Brooks & Brooks

“Initially what inspired me was the idea of earning while learning a trade. I chose hairdressing specifically because of the creative freedom, being able to work/learn with different individuals and of course the sociable side of the industry.

“I look up to Sally and Jamie because of their passionate attitude and the success it has allowed them to earn. Even after building their successful salon they did not want to stop there, so they built a platform to give opportunities to the next generation of hairdressers. They showed me the industry is ever changing and fluid in its development. Ultimately what inspired me about Sally and Jamie is how they approach every project with renewed enthusiasm.

“I find as I am learning I gather a lot of my inspiration from the talented team around me, they encourage me so I can reach my potential. More recently I was inspired by the first hair show I attended, The Tribute Show. I look forward to going to more events after the pandemic is over as they show me the heights of industry as well as the multiple avenues I can take once I’m qualified .

“I hope to use the skills I will learn to travel with the trade and enjoy a wide range of experiences along the way, whilst expressing my individuality and inspiring others. Whilst travelling my hope is to change the view that hairdressing is more than just a fall-back option.” 

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