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How to Help with Anxiety and Other Mental Health Issues in Apprentices

by akesha / last updated May 15, 2022

apprentice mental health

It’s no secret that hairdressing can be an intense and challenging industry to work in, which is why considering the mental health of apprentices is crucial. This level of stress can often be quite surprising to those just starting in the industry, so it’s important to check in on your newbies!

We spoke to Laura Geary, the chief people officer for Headmasters, for her advice on supporting your apprentices. With 69% of its employees aged under 30, and over 200 of them being apprentices, the overall well-being of their team is extremely important to members like Laura. “Headmasters take great pride in being equipped to help guide and get our employees the right medical help. Together, we can achieve a healthy mentality.”

headmasters mental health

Headmasters’ Mental Health First Aiders

For HJ’s Mental Health Awareness Week, we revisit a chat with Laura from Headmasters who shares four small things salons can do to ensure apprentices are looked out for and a ‘healthy mentality’ is maintained.

Set up a direct, private line of contact

“Headmasters have a discreet and confidential mental health support team email address, where team members provide advice and guidance in getting the appropriate support and help from local and accredited charities.”

Have professionals on-hand

“We have 20 qualified mental health first aiders, 16 of whom graduated January 2020 (pictured above). Headmasters started this pioneering mental health first aiders (MHFA) initiative in 2018 with an aim to help stop the stigma that surrounds mental health and build a supportive culture for all apprentices and stylists in the Headmasters workplace.”

Educate those higher up

“Headmasters offer training to managers, including mental health awareness and safeguarding, to help craft a better understanding and to encourage support and confidence in helping anyone suffering from ill mental health.”

Promote positivity

“Headmasters also share how to have a happy, healthy mind in team meetings, on our bespoke Facebook team page, and in all of our courses. Headmasters’ mental health policy lets all team members know that we are committed to supporting them with regards to mental health, and that we will continue to do so.”

The health and happiness of your team are everything. Not only will it keep your salon functioning, but it will permeate into their work and infuse passion into every look they create. Isn’t that what hairdressing is all about?

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