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Zenoti’s All-in-One Salon Management Software Can Streamline Your Business, Increase Ticket Value and Drive Revenue

by eleanor / last updated March 17, 2021

Zenoti Ruffians

Zenoti’s software helps over 12,000 businesses across 50 countries reduce their operational costs by over 30% and eliminate 90% of their manual work. This is why Zenoti is trusted by the best. Discover why Ruffians, an award-winning UK barber and mens grooming products store, chose Zenoti.

Ruffians partnered with Zenoti for their all-in-one cloud-based solution that would help them take their brand to the next level and rocket launch their business. “Zenoti is so much more than just a booking system. It’s analytics, stock management, intelligent marketing, and lots more,” says Andrew Cannon, Ruffians’ Co-Founder.

Zenoti Ruffians

Ruffians’ Goals

Unifying their five separate databases into one central location, implementing strong self-service booking technology and a proven integrated payment system were among Ruffians’ top priorities for driving growth and revenue.

Their existing mobile and self-service features were basic and not user-friendly, which was leading to inconsistent guest experiences and limiting revenue growth capabilities for both the business and their barbers.

Finally, Ruffians needed a flexible, intelligent solution that would enable them to elevate customer service so that, no matter which location the customer decided to visit, the Ruffians’ team would have access to their notes and visit history to provide the best experience possible.

“We wanted a cloud platform that integrated all our bases together so we could manage it from one site. I wanted to see it at head office and look at the minute detail and let the team take care of the customer service element,” says Andrew.

How Zenoti Surpassed Their Goals

With Zenoti’s all-in-one salon management software, Ruffians automated the little things to streamline staff workflows and cut down on front desk duties. This gave them more time to manage the big picture, strategically grow the business and elevate customer service.

Ruffians’ customers can now effortlessly engage with the brand through online booking and automated check-ins and can quickly book appointments with their favorite barber at their convenience. At a time where credit card payments are preferred and often required, the Zenoti Payments feature also offers the Ruffians team a seamless payment integration that includes tip prompting and multi-channel payment experiences.

“Integration day was fantastic. We went to bed and woke up the next morning and the whole system was ready. Instead of five separate centres, it was one big centre with all our databases on there and all client data cleaned up,” says Andrew.

The Results

Ruffians average ticket value increased by 26% and 91% of their guests are now booking 12 days in advance with 84% of guests who use self-service booking using it again. “Zenoti gives us flexibility to grow as a company. It was a breath of fresh air,” says Andrew.

Solution Highlights


Zenoti online booking technology replicates your best receptionist and ensures the appointment book is fully optimised. It gives guests an intuitive, mobile-friendly experience that reduces bounces while supporting complex requirements, avoiding gaps, honoring provider booking priority rules and ordering services correctly.

  • Guests can book appointments anywhere at any time.
  • Guests using self-service booking, often also self-book their subsequent visits.
  • Guests add more services when self-booking, which increases the average ticket value.

Zenoti Payments

An integrated payment solution that elevates customer experience by enabling touchless check-in/check-out and mobile payment options with Auto-Pay capabilities for a completely automated check-out experience. Zenoti Payments also reduces POS errors and eliminates double entries to create a consistent operational experience across multiple locations.

  • Automatically updates saved credits card including expiration dates reducing the manual efforts of your staff.
  • Given them the flexibility to target their customers with intelligent marketing on different sites so you can bring them together.
  • Guest profiles with saved credit cards are accessible from all locations.
  • PCI compliant with 99% uptime

“Our team are getting on well with the Zenoti Payments system. They are especially loving the tip prompt screen –they now wish we had made the change earlier,” says Andrew.

See Zenoti in Action

To see Zenoti demonstrate what they can do for you, fill in this form and they’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule a free demo.

To learn more about Zenoti visit their website and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for the latest news and updates.

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