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This Is What The Wella Professionals’ TrendVision Award Journey Looks Like

by charlottegw / last updated January 19, 2021

wella trendvision journey

Three previous Wella Professionals TrendVision Award entrants share the journey they took before being crowned the winners – could this be you in 2021?

To enter Wella Professionals’ TrendVision Award 2021 go to wella.co.uk/trendvision. For the latest information, please follow @WellaHairUKI and @WellaUKI


Step 1: The Photographic Entry Stage  

wella trend vision picture upload

What is it: A competitor must submit a before and after image with the relevant category and region hashtag. The Photographic Entry Stage opens on Monday 8 March 2021!

The winners’ experience …

wella professionals trend vision“I believe submitting a photographic entry is an experience that helps you learn, grow and create things you never thought you could.”
Thomas Frear 



Kasey garret wella trend vison journeyMy advice to anyone considering entering an image for TVA is to go for it. I’m already thinking about entering again next year.”
Kasey Garrett, Goldsworthy’s Hairdressing



wella professionals trend vision roisin“Events and competitions are part of the DNA at Sarah Mason Professional so having a meeting with the Girl Boss (Sarah Mason) was number one on my agenda. My advice to anyone is don’t over think it – just do it because it is a fabulous journey.”
Roisin Hynes, Sarah Mason Professional


Step 2: The UK Regional and Ireland Heat Stage 


What is it: Competitors submit the before and after look from the photographic entry stage along with a three-minute video explaining their techniques, application, vision, products and inspiration.

The winners’ experience …

“I always change something from the initial photographic stage to the regional stage, as you want to excite and elevate what was done previously to show your ever evolving mind and skillset. It will set you apart from the other contestants”.
Thomas Frear 

“Inspiration and research are key to creating super content for your videos. It’s important to have clarity in what you are sharing when talking about your colour mixtures and techniques.”
Roisin Hynes, Sarah Mason Professional

“We had to create videos showing our preparation and process for this stage. Between clients I tested formulas on swatches and researched trends. In the evenings and my days off I edited the videos with my sister. I came into the salon for a day to record the process and shoot the final images, which was a 12-hour process from start to finish.
Kasey Garrett, Goldsworthy’s Hairdressing


Step 3: The UK & Ireland Final Stage

wella professional trend vision journey moodboard

What is it: Competitors must create a new look on a model or head block and share their moodboard, list all products and colour formulas used and a submit a 360-degree video of the new look.

The winners’ experience … 

When submitting my final images and my video for the UK & Ireland Final Stage, I made a checklist with everything I needed to include and key points that were important to mention. I also took notes during the Zoom mentor session with the Wella guest artist judges. I found this so helpful and learnt a lot from it.”
Kasey Garrett, Goldsworthy’s Hairdressing

“I really wanted my moodboard to portray that we had moved seasons and summer was long gone. It was time for Autumn/Winter with warmer tones, richer shades and winter styling. All my creative work happened on a Sunday away from our salon working life so I could solely concentrate on my goal.”
Roisin Hynes, Sarah Mason Professional

“I usually visualise the overall look prior to planning the rest, as I find it then flourishes into how the rest of the presentation, make-up and styling will look. This year I drew inspiration from queer culture. I fused man and woman together and created a visual representation of the social construct of gender, and how I want to break it apart. Jayson Gray gave me an incredible film to watch called “The Cockettes” (a 1960s/1970s queer revolution film) and I drew so much inspiration from it.”
Thomas Frear 


Final words from the winners …

How has TVA changed your freelance career?
“This experience impacted my career so much. It propelled me into different shoots, magazine work and got my name out there. It is crazy when people say they know who I am and I don’t think I’ll ever not love that! It is a great feeling when people acknowledge your talent and skills.”
Thomas Frear, freelance hairdresser

What do you hope to achieve from winning TVA in 2020?
“TrendVision is such a great accolade. It is just the beginning for me so I am hoping it will unfold some brand new opportunities in 2021.”
Roisin Hynes,  Sarah Mason Professional

How has winning TVA benefitted you and your salon?
“Winning has already grown my salon bookings. We were featured in the local newspaper and I’ve had a lot of clients asking specifically to book with me. Wella Professionals kindly provided us with window displays commemorating the win, which certainly gets a lot of attention from clients and passers-by.”
Kasey Garrett, Goldsworthy’s Hairdressing

 This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Wella Professionals. To enter Wella Professionals’ TrendVision Award 2021 go to wella.co.uk/trendvision. For the latest information, please follow @WellaHairUKI and @WellaUKI


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