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Wella Professionals Take Contouring to the Next Level with Nontouring Shift

by charlottegw / last updated April 26, 2018

Nontouring hair trend

First there was contouring and now the experts at Coty’s Wella Professionals have predicted the next big craze – nontouring.

The technique mellows a daring cut into a flattering yet edgy look. It adds natural glow and blends sharp shapes and textures to create a soft, statement style.

Wella Professionals global colour ambassador Andreas Kurkowitz explains: “The thing that makes nontouring so exciting to work with is it combines cut and colour in a way that we haven’t seen before.”

wella nontouring shift couple

How to Create the Nontouring Shift
To bring the trend to life in salons, Wella Professionals has developed a simple three step service: prime (a personalised cut), cover (using an on- trend colour) and highlight (with style fluidity). Andreas describes the technique as perfect to use in a salon environment because of its simple approach and it can be applied to both male and female clients. Wella Professionals created the campaign looks using hair heroes from its portfolio –Illumina Color, Koleston Perfect, Color Fresh Create and Blondor.

The Colour Palette
Wella Professionals’ trend research predicts the spring/summer 2018 colour palette will move away from cooler, candy colours in favour of sunlit, warm and golden shades.

Redefining Beauty
The nontouring shift technique aims to redefine the aesthetics of beauty, particularly around gender, which is why many of the looks and shades aren’t gender-specific. It’s also why the male and female couples modelling the collection wear the same hairstyles (pictured above).“These looks seem genderless and seasonless because there’s fluidity in the style and technique. I think this is the way forward – to design looks that everyone can wear. Cut and colour really blend together here so you can create a more edgy-styling look that is softened with colour,” explains Andreas.

Nontouring Heroes
Here’s how to create the nontouring shift aesthetic in your salon


Illumina Color harnesses microlight technology to protect hair cuticles, allowing light to pass through and illuminate for sheer and luminous colour.


Color Fresh Create semi-permanent colour provides limitless vibrant colour creations from bold to pastel. The cream colour fades true to tone over time and lasts up to 20 washes, gradually fading during each wash into soft pastel hues.

Koleston_06Koleston Perfect offers a variety of shade nuances, long-lasting grey coverage and colour intensity, easy usage and an absolutely reliable colour result.

WELLAPLEX is ideal for creating seasonal looks. Create colour transformations while keeping hair in top condition and without compromising on colour.

For more information visit education.wella.com

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