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Five Ways Hairdressers Can Take Time to Care During Lockdown

by laurahusband / last updated May 22, 2020

Time to Care

As part of HJ’s Time to Care Week, sponsored by Wella Professionals, five Wella Professionals ambassadors are sharing their tips on how to take some time out to care for yourself during lockdown on HJ’s Instagram page.

Time to Care Tip 1: Luke Benson’s new baby is giving him a positive outlook

Luke Benson had a baby six weeks ago, which has given him a really positive distraction from not being able to work and socialise. He says: “We’ve had a little girl called Margot and she’s incredible and has brought a whole new meaning to my life and Sophie’s.” He points out that he does have moments where his mind wanders but, he says: “We all just need to be really strong and stay positive about all of the things we’re going to do when we get back to normality.”

Time to Care Tip 2: Marco Dias is practising good breathing techniques

Marco Dias is dealing with stress by doing a yoga-style breathing technique everyday. He says: “Place your hand in front of your face, bend your index and middle finger and use your thumb to close one of your nostrils before exhaling through the other nostril then inhale through the other nostril. Use your two remaining fingers to close your opposite nostril, exhale again and then inhale through this nostril.”

He says it’s a very simple technique but if you can do it for a minute or two during the day it will relieve stress, calm down your emotions and will keep you feeling balanced.

Time to Care Tip 3: Jordanna Cobella is staying positive by making each day different

Jordanna Cobella explains the current lockdown is a stressful time for all of us regardless of whether you are a business owner, freelancer, employed or self-employed. She suggests going for walks, reading, cleaning, running, getting creative on mannequins, carrying out at-home photoshoots, cooking, relaxing in the bath, staying in touch with others, painting, sun-time, looking at old archives and sleeping.

Time to Care Tip 4: Sarah Mason is using her daily beauty regime to get her ready to face the world

Sarah Mason loves stepping into a hot shower and enjoying some of her favourite products from Wella Professionals. She’s changing her hairstyle each day as it really gives her a good positive boost. She says: “I love putting on a fresh face of make-up and adding a pop of colour into my life with eyeshadows and lipsticks and I love a spritz of my favourite perfume and that really gets me ready for the day and able to face the world.”

Time to Care Tip 5: Dylan Smith is getting creative at home

Dylan Smith says we’re all facing a lot of uncertainty. He explains: “Having hairdressing taken away during lockdown was really difficult to deal with at first so I created a Facebook page called ‘We Love Hair Because….’ To celebrate the industry that we’re in. After being at home for a few weeks I realised the biggest challenge is keeping the mind healthy. I’ve got a 2-year old son who needs entertaining so I’ve been getting creative and I’ve even built him a colourful playhouse. I’m getting creative with everything that is around me and taking everything day by day.” He says if you’re having a down day it’s important to reach out to others for help.

This is a sponsored post by Wella Professionals for HJ’s Time to Care Week


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