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The Exciting New Development from Shortcuts 8.1

by charlottegw / last updated June 7, 2021

shortcuts 8.1

Shortcuts have been working on a brand new version – but Shortcuts 8.1 isn’t just any old update, the brand has revolutionised Shortcuts as you know it and propelled it into the future of salon technology.

Jo Burgess, co-founder and the VP of Evolution at Shortcuts, explains…

“Now there are so many reasons to be excited about Shortcuts 8.1 – it’s had a BIG glow up for one, but there’s also been some innovative changes to its functionality that will transform the user experience for salons.

User experience was our number one priority when creating Shortcuts 8.1 – drawing on modern design principles and strategies used by some of the leading technology providers around the world.

New Look and Feel

With a new look and fresh feel, Shortcuts 8.1 introduces customers and new users alike to a new era of salon technology. There’s a few things to love about Shortcuts 8.1’s new look and feel including clean, fresh themes with updated, modern icons and one-touch action buttons designed to improve efficiency.

While 8.1 might look like a whole new software system, its design will still feel very familiar to you. Our talented product and development team created this new version based on Google design principles which ensures the user intuitively knows how to use and navigate their own way around the software without much help at all.


Combined View Appointment Book

Salons around the globe are moving towards a more blended model – meaning they’re starting to take more of both appointments and walk-in business. Traditionally businesses, such as salons in high traffic areas like shopping centres, were founded on managing walk-in business so swiftly that appointments weren’t necessary.

With COVID-19 changing the world as we knew it, contact tracing and appointments became essential for walk-in businesses – crowds could no longer gather, and client details needed to be recorded at each visit. As a result, the combined view appointment book was born to handle both requirements.

The combined single view of your booked appointments and walk-ins makes managing your appointment book easier than ever, with intuitive design changes to the appointment schedule, a refresh of the appointment touch tip and loads more coming your way.


Walk-in Manager Improvements

Walk-in businesses rejoice! There’s been some major improvements made to the Walkin Manager to make your guests’ experience so much smoother. You and your guests are in for a much more efficient and intuitive experience thanks to one-touch action buttons, group checkouts and improved visibility on service and wait times. You’ll also be able to see the current service status, such as in progress, finished, or running over, more clearly in text for in-service visits.

When you can see exactly where all your guests are in the queue and how your staff are handling the services, you are much better equipped for managing guest expectations.


Point of Sale Improvements

One of the most used and depended upon features of Shortcuts – the Point of Sale – has received a bit of a nip and tuck as well.

We’ve made big leaps to the design and functionality of the ever-essential Point of Sale, which means the amazing experience your guests have during service continues throughout their visit and beyond.


Client Search Updates

There’s nothing worse than a clunky client search and client database when you’re on the go and need to look up their details ASAP.

That’s why we have made it simpler to search and manage your client database across all your locations. From now on, you’ll simply need to type their name, phone or email address directly into the search box and clients will appear, no matter where they’ve visited.  ”

Ready to learn more about the new Shortcuts 8.1 version? Visit shortcuts.co.uk/shortcuts81 to register your interest.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Shortcuts. 

Jo Burgess is a co-founder and the VP of Evolution at Shortcuts. As one of the key visionaries of this industry-leading brand, Jo has seen many technological innovations since she first installed Shortcuts in her salon more than 25 years ago. 

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