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Party Hairstyle Inspiration With Tangle Teezer Professional Hairbrushes

by charlottegw / last updated November 4, 2019

tangle teezer professional hairbrushes

Tangle Teezer has all the essential tools you need to give your clients gorgeous party looks for the festive season. In the video below Thomas Taw from Urban Retreat at The White House demonstrates how to create a classic blow-dry party look using Tangle Teezer’s innovative, professional hairbrushes.

Watch the video below and follow the step-by-steps to master a bouncy, but sleek party look. Here, artistic director Thomas explains the steps he took and the Tangle Teezer professional hairbrushes that he used.

Step 1 

Thomas says: After washing and conditioning the hair, I used The Large Wet Detangler to take out the knots in the hair.
The tool: The Large Wet Detangler uses the same two-tiered teeth technology as Tangle Teezer’s best-selling The Wet Detangler, to painlessly detangle wet hair without pulling or stretching the hair.

Step 2

Thomas says: I used the Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool to work the roots and take moisture out of the hair. 
The tool: With ground-breaking teeth technology, the Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool has fixed base teeth with built in tension and slight flexibility at the tips to leave hair voluminous and shiny with reduced frizz.

Step 3

Thomas says: I continued blow-drying the hair with the Blow-Styling Round Tool to curl the hair and create volume. The brush is very ergonomic and light, which makes it very easy to use. 
The tool: The 
Blow-Styling Round Tool takes the hair from wet to dry in one simple step, delivering a blow-dry full of natural bounce, volume and shine. With ground-breaking teeth technology, the Blow-Styling Round Tool picks up hair at the root for great lift and volume. Delivering free flow tension, the hair snakes through the tool with no pulling or tugging and there’s no need to roll or wrap the hair around it. Taking excess water away for a faster drying time and a gentle blow-dry, the hair is left with natural volume, bounce, all-over smoothness and shine.

Step 4

Thomas says: Finally, I used the Back-Combing hairbrush to give some definition and more root lift to finish the style.
The tool: This volumising hairbrush is designed for everyday styling on all hair types and lengths, offering height, texture and long-lasting volume. The unique two-tiered teeth have a greater density of teeth at the base, compacts hair towards the roots resulting in great body. Making back-combing quicker and easier, it’s also gentle on the hair, minimising damage and breakage. It’s kinder to the hair because the teeth reach deeply into each section without matting or ratting, which also makes it easy to brush out afterwards.

tangle teezer wet detangled largetangle teezer blow styling round tooltangle teezer blow styling smoothing tooltangle teezer back combing hairbrush

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