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Why Every Salon Needs a SmartMix

by laurahusband / last updated July 5, 2021

SmartMix app salon owner

The SmartMix app was created by Victoria Tarrant who is a salon owner and hair professional.

Why did Victoria create the SmartMix app for salon owners?

The amount of wasted colour and the associated costs of wastage within the salon made Victoria realise there must be a better way to mix colour. The result is SmartMix – a simple app that helps stylists mix the correct amount of colour every time.

The app is called SmartMix because it is designed for hair colourists by a hair colourist. Having created SmartMix in 2015, Victoria worked closely with large salons in London to perfect the app and get to know what would work best in a busy and fast-paced salon enviroment.

How does the SmartMix app for salons work?

SmartMix is a breakthrough solution using artificial intelligence, helping salons to:

  1. Eliminate colour waste
  2. Automate client records
  3. Streamline stock ordering
  4. Capture lost profit from inaccurate billing

Victoria started developing the SmartMix app with her business partner Jerry Rihll in 2015. She has worked closely with a large London chain to stretch the legs of the app and make it what it is today.

She’s managed to save one salon £500 in just 10 days from when they first started using the SmartMix app. The app achieves these savings from day one due to the algorithm that Victoria developed from years of data collecting to work out what quantity of colour was needed for each mix.

The history of hair colouring

Since hair colouring started in 1909, there has never been a guide for a hair colourist follow on how much product to mix. As technology has improved, new problems have emerged such as:

  1. Wasted product
  2. Lack of accurate client records
  3. Allergy to hair colour
  4. Patch testing records
  5. Stock management
  6. Inaccurate product mixing.

Technology in the form of diarised computer systems has helped to create better working methods. It provides a salon with a tool for three of the six problems listed above. However, it is not a fail-safe as it relies very much on the efficiency of staff.

Why the SmartMix app is a must-have for a salon owner?

The SmartMix app provides a solution for a salon owner as it requires a stylist to declare their intention prior to their action in less than two minutes. A stylist or hair colourist simply touches a few icons on the app and mixes colour that is displayed on the mixing screen, which has a live connection to a weighing scale.

This one action (in two minutes) records accurate client data and stylist activity. This promotes accurate colour mixing, eliminated waste and accurate stock usage data.

Victoria’s experience of implementing SmartMix in her own salon and many others, she knows she has created a realistic, user-friendly solution to an unsolved problem.

Click here to learn more about how the SmartMix app works and how it could benefit your hair salon or go to precisioncolour.co.uk for more information.


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