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Put the Spring Back Into Your Client’s Hair with System Professional

by maryforester / April 11, 2017

The System Professional EnergyCodeTM prescriptive consultation concept can revolutionise the way you recommend product to your client, whilst simultaneously increasing retails sales as well as the uptake of in salon treatments.

Care is the fastest growing service in salons at +17%*, yet only 37% of women who receive a colour service also receive an in salon treatment**. This is a huge opportunity when you consider that 90% are willing to spend more time or pay to upgrade their spend to include a treatment**.

System Professional offers a range of high performance products with unique formulas for deep hair transformation and professional salon service. The iconic products from this range are Elastic Force, Alpha Energy and Liquid Hair. An exclusive promotion is run until April 24th 2017; contact your Wella Professionals Account Manager or call 01202 595 700 to seize the opportunity to grow your business with EXTRA.

The EXTRA Iconic Products


Elastic Force

A shine & responsive serum for hair full of bounce, strength and shine. Simultaneously improve elasticity whilst enhancing the bounce in your blow-dries.


Alpha Energy

A hair & scalp energiser for responsive, resilient hair and a rejuvenated, healthy scalp. Featuring the highest concentration of EnergyCodeTM Complex, Alpha Energy makes hair responsive with no residue or stickiness.


Liquid Hair

A molecular hair refiller for restructured, stronger hair. Thermo activated this product refills hair structure for up to 5 washes.

The Energy Treatments

Your client can experience the transformative effects of the EXTRA products with the Energy Treatments, a specialised line of treatments that awaken the senses and enhance hair and scalp energy. Upgrading your clients to one of these treatments could also boot your retail revenue as treatments are the no. 1 driver of in-salon purchase: when your clients experience the power of an Energy treatment, they are more likely to buy an Extra product.

The Energy Blow-Dry

This express finishing treatment provides extra strength and elasticity and is the ideal preparation for a lasting blow-dry. Hair is infused with energy and appears soft and silky to the touch with incredible shine and bounce. Elastic Force can be combined with any other treatment offering.

Molecular Hair Refilling

Instantly reconstructs and reinforces the hair fibre for up to 5 washes. The advanced Molecular Hair Refilling formula, with essential amino acids, deeply reconstructs fragile and sensitised hair from the inside out. This improves look, feel and resilience, without over loading, for an instant transformation that lasts.

Scalp Energy

This uniquely energising massage is combined with a product from our scalp-active serum range to provide best results. It activates the powerful ingredients and will leave your clients hair feeling refreshed as if reborn.

*Client Key Metrics, global female data 2014

**Kantar 2013



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