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Achieve Sustainable Style with Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Style Collection

by eleanor / last updated January 18, 2022

Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Style

Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty takes a new approach to hair care, blending clean, vegan, farm-to-bottle botanicals and lab-optimised ingredients that are gentle on the hair, scalp and environment. And now, you can treat your client’s hair to sustainable style with the new Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Style Collection.

What makes Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Eco-Friendly?

Paul Mitchell are on a mission to make the best hair care in a more eco-conscious way. Their products are carefully crafted with select organic botanicals grown on a biodynamic open lab farm in Italy and manufactured using 100% clean energy. Paul Mitchell promise to deliver the clean products you want with the professional results and uncompromising quality you trust, all while prioritising the health of our planet.

Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty features innovative bio-based packaging that is 90% derived from responsibly farmed Brazilian sugarcane and 100% recyclable.* Growing sugarcane for use in bio-plastic offsets carbon dioxide, a leading cause of global warming. Unlike traditional petroleum-based plastic, bio-plastic eliminates more carbon than it emits, making it a carbon-negative packaging solution.

The Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Style Range

Introducing a new category to the Clean Beauty family in 2022 – meet Style! These gentle products are infused with flax seed and ferulic acid to nourish and protect strands for a guaranteed good hair day for all hair types:

Volumizing Liquid: 84% natural origin Give hair a boost of volume, style memory and shine.

Heat Styling Spray:  93% natural origin Help protect hair during heat styling while adding light hold and natural shine.

Styling Cream: 88% natural origin Soften, smooth and seal hair with this versatile, multi-benefit styling cream.

The Key Ingredients

Flax seed is packed with omega fatty acids and ferulic acid is rich in antioxidants. Enjoy a subtle apple scent with notes of lavender, lemon and honey, as these styling essentials help nourish, strengthen and protect hair against external stressors.

Clean Beauty is available from Salon Success. Visit www.salon-success.co.uk/cleanbeauty, email [email protected] or call on 0845 659 0011.

*Excluding caps/closures. Check your local requirements.

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