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The Key to Business Efficiency

by chloe / last updated May 16, 2022

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With increasing prices, inflationary pressures and rising energy costs, managing expenditures is vital for your hair business to survive and flourish, whilst minimising the need to pass on increases to your clients. The solution is clear – make the switch to Fresha.

With so much to be economically concerned about, Fresha is the simple way to save money, grow your business, and protect it against lost income. “Paying subscription fees for salon software is not necessary,” says Fresha CEO and founder William Zeqiri. “Fresha is 100% subscription-free and it gives salon businesses a wide range of free-to-use-features. Now’s the time to make subscription fees a thing of the past.”

Over 60,000 partners and millions of clients can’t be wrong!

 With over 60,000 partners and 200,000 professionals using Fresha, the platform has already processed 450 million appointments via its consumer-facing website and app. From appointment bookings and calendar management to automated and blast marketing campaigns, rewarding client loyalty and protecting incomes with no-show and late cancellation policies, and the new deposits feature, Fresha offers the most comprehensive salon software available, and it’s 100% subscription free.

Did you catch Fresha’s debut entry on the prestigious Marketplace100: 2022 as the world’s top-ranked salon software?

The Fresha Store e-commerce feature is also transforming the retail experience for salons that have yet to prosper from online retail opportunities, and with Calendar syncing and low stock notifications among its latest features, Fresha has everything your business needs to run efficiently and maximise revenue potential.

“We’ve introduced new and innovative features that make Fresha even more integral to the running of hair, beauty and wellness businesses,” says co-founder Nick Miller. “By charging just 1.29% + 20p for each transaction, when using Fresha Payments to take payments, our partners only pay only as they generate and receive income from services and product sales. This enables us to provide the software for free with some optional premium features.”

To achieve complete business efficiency, promote your services, run marketing campaigns, retail online and protect your business against no-shows and late cancellations, join or switch to Fresha today.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Fresha.

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