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LightDimensions: The Range Glowing Up Lightening Services

by eleanor / last updated September 1, 2021

Want to glow up your lightening services? Goldwell’s LightDimensions range offers a whole new dimension of lightening opportunities for professional stylists.

What is LightDimensions?

This family of products is characterized by Goldwell’s advanced technology and now includes powerful lifting performance of up to nine levels and the most flexible free-hand solutions to create any shade, any technique with any level of lift.

Formulated using Goldwell’s state of-the-art technology and the highest quality standards, LightDimensions provides a whole new dimension of faster, smarter, better and ultra-controlled lightening possibilities. Key features include:

  • Powerful lifting performance with a proprietary Anti-Yellow-System for the clearest and most even results
  • Incredibly hair-friendly formulations thanks to Goldwell’s integrated BondPro+ technology that protects the natural structure of hair
  • Fully customizable results no matter how creative you get Lift with Oxycur Platin

Following the success of its LightDimensions portfolio of cutting-edge lightening products for professional stylists, Goldwell is introducing another state-of-the-art lightener. Oxycur Platin delivers powerful lifting performance at lightning speeds. This multi-purpose lightener offers up to 9+ levels of lift for the lightest results* for any technique or service that requires the brightest effects possible. Formulated with Goldwell’s signature BondPro+ technology to respect and protect the natural hair structure.

Perfect blondes with Soft Color

Soft Color is the smartest way to refine blonde. As part of the LightDimensions umbrella, this semi-permanent blonde toner eliminates unwanted tones and creates stunning high-intensity blonde enhancing results in just five minutes in-salon or at home. Soft Color’s cool results last up to 6-8 shampoos.

Formulated with integrated IntraLipid Technology, it helps to replenish lost lipids inside every single strand for a smoother look and feel. For even more toning possibilities, Goldwell has introduced three new blonde Elumen shades: [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] to its collection.

Smooth and shine with SILKLIFT

The best hair condition after a lightening service** for ultra-shiny, soft and smooth hair. Mix and match between four different lightening powders and customize the consistency by simply adding the Goldwell System Thickener.

  • SILKLIFT STRONG up to 9 levels of lift
  • SILKLIFT ZERO AMMONIA up to 6 levels of lift
  • SILKLIFT CONTROL PEARL lift and tone control with up to 7 levels of lift
  • SILKLIFT CONTROL ASH lift and tone control with up to 7 levels of lift
  • SILKLIFT 2in1 SERUM for intensive care and to stabilize the counteracting pigments within SilkLift Control

Illuminate with BRIGHTENER

The perfect finish for your lightening results with a controlled amount of lift of up to 1.5 levels. Soften contrasts for the most naturally blended looks or boost your lightening results with the new customizable Power Toning service with @Pure Pigments.

  • BRIGHTENER NATURAL for levels 7-9
  • BRIGHTENER SILVER for levels 5-7
  • SILKLIFT CONDITIONING CRÈME DEVELOPER for the Silklift and Brightener range, available in 3%,6% or 9%

Prevent breakage with Dualsenses Bond Pro

Goldwell’s new Dualsenses Bond Pro range is the perfect complimentary retail range to lightening services, providing instant strength and resilience for weak fragile hair that is prone to breakage. The collection includes the Fortifying Shampoo, Fortifying Conditioner, 60Sec Treatment, Repair & Structure Spray and Day & Night Bond Booster.

*within the LightDimensions range

**compared to leading competitors

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