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Increase Your Afro Hair Knowledge and Expertise with Avlon Education Sessions

by Sian Jones / last updated May 19, 2022

Avlon education afro textured hair

Dive into the world of Afro and textured hair with a variety of online and offline courses to take your skillset to the next level, courtesy of Avlon Education Sessions.

Avlon is vitally aware that the industry lacks knowledge on working with Afro-Textured hair, and as a reputable market leader they are helping to change that. Avlon Education integrates a network of hair experts, who are recognised worldwide. You’ll likely know that Avlon offers iconic products. But the brand also understands the business of hairdressing and the importance of creativity. Therefore education is a key focus. By sharing knowledge Avlon helps stylists find the confidence and competence to work with
Afro-Textured hair.

As part of the Avlon family, you will be supported with advice, education, and creative opportunities. Jacqui McIntosh, Avlon’s European education director, is a powerhouse within the hairdressing industry. She has worked in a number of roles, such as a technical educator, salon manager, and teacher/assessor and academy director. Joining Avlon over 22 years ago as a freelance educator, she has greatly contributed to Avlon’s education reputation. Jacqui, who oversees and manages the educational teams says, “We’re passionate about giving back to colleges, professionals and salons, ensuring they receive ongoing education to help them thrive and stand out from the competition. Afro hairdressing has always been included within qualifications structures. However, currently in the UK, knowledge and techniques regarding Black hair care are not embedded within the core curriculum assessment strategy, leaving learners lacking the core skills required to treat a growing section of the multicultural population.”

In response, Avlon has been working with training partners and awarding bodies by supporting them with both theory and technical knowledge, ensuring that learners are taught all aspects of Afro hairdressing that support core services within the salon. This has aided in building confidence within these areas and amplified interest within the specialist technical areas.

Avlon education afro textured hair

How does Avlon Education work?

College education

This training focuses on the science of excessively curly hair (that’s hair that sits within the classification of type 3 and 4 hair.) It emphasises and teaches the shift in knowledge of “DEP”, Density, Elasticity, Porosity, which is essential when working with type 3 and 4 hair.

Professional education

As products, techniques and services continue to develop for clients with Afro hair, so has the popularity of treatments in salons that cater to curls, coils and kinks. With their professional education, Avlon are encouraging salons to be more inclusive and not shy away from Afro hairdressing.

How is the education delivered?

It is brought to you via a network of platforms that includes in-salon, model demonstrations, night/day courses, collective workshop sessions, inspirational events and Zoom education. Avlon education is available to all Avlon salons.

What is the Inspire Club?

Avlon are passionate about helping hairdressers to grow and develop their businesses by ensuring that they receive ongoing education and benefits to help them thrive and stand out from the competition. Develop your business, motivate your staff, inspire your clients!

Interested in Avlon Education or the Inspire Club? To find out more, call 0121 522 2124
or email [email protected]

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Avlon.

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