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Illuminage: The Way to Elevate your Balayage into a Premium Service

by eleanor / last updated June 16, 2021

Want to elevate your balayage service? You can charge more for your balayage services with Wella Profressionals Illuminage, a premium balayage technique designed for a naturally multi-tonal effect.

What is Illuminage Balayage?

Illuminage details and accentuates areas within the hair, framing the face and enhancing the perimeter. Creating seamless transitions with multi-tonal reflections and seamless tones.

Ahead, Wella Professionals Global Ambassador Romeu Felipe shares his step-by-steps on how to achieve your most luminous balayage yet and level up your service.


The Formulas for Illuminage Balayage

Step 1: Lightening

Formula A:

30g Blondor FREELIGHTS

45ml 9% Blondor FREELIGHTS Developer

1.5ml Wellaplex Step No1 Bond Maker

Formula B:

20g 8/93 + 20g 9/19 ILLUMINA COLOR

40mls 9% Welloxon Perfect Developer

Step 2: Root Shadowing with ILLUMINA COLOR

Formula C

20g 7/ + 20g 7/81 ILLUMINA COLOR

80mls 1.9%/6vol Welloxon Perfect Pastel Developer

Step 3: Blonde Toning

Formula D: 20g 8/93 ILLUMINA COLOR

40mls 1.9%/6vol Welloxon Perfect Pastel Developer

Formula E:


60mls 1.9%/6vol Welloxon Perfect Pastel Developer.

The Illuminage Balayage Sectioning

Illuminage balayage sectioning Illuminage balayage sectioning

The Illuminage Balayage Technique: Step-By-Step


Illuminage balayage application method

Step 1

Starting at the nape area, take small zigzag sections. Thread formula A slightly away from the roots, applying more product to saturate the ends. Apply to every second section, isolating with clear sheets for separation and visible control.

Illuminage balayage

Step 2

From ear to centre forehead, take diagonal slices. Feathering formula A lightly towards the roots, whilst building product up at the lengths and ends.

Step 3

Divide the top diamond section into two. Take large zigzag sections starting from the back working towards the front. Gently back comb the peaks of the zigzag, feather formula B close to the root area and lengths and ends. Isolate with the clear sheets. Take the valleys from the zigzag and feather formula A from the mid-lengths to the ends isolating with clear sheets.

Step 4

Finish with a small diamond section at the front. Back comb to defuse the lines. Feather formula A. Isolate with a clear sheet. Develop, rinse and apply WellaPlex No. 2 Bond Stabilizer for 10 minutes. Rinse, shampoo with ColorMotion+ and apply Blondor Seal & Care for 5 minutes.

 Root Shadowing and Blonde Toning

 Step 5

On damp hair, begin at the nape applying formula C just away from the scalp. Bringing it down to approximately 7cm to the mid area.

Step 6

Apply lightly towards the front hairline, in small sections. Develop for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 7

Retake the same sectioning by separating the perimeter with the diamond section at the crown. At the perimeter apply formula E from mid-lengths to ends. On the diamond section apply formula D to the mid area and formula E to the ends. Develop for up to 20 minutes, rinse, shampoo with Color Motion+ and apply Color Motion+ Express Post Color Treatment for 30 seconds.


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