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How Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty is Good for Hair and the Planet

by eleanor / last updated August 13, 2021

Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty

Since 1980, Paul Mitchell® has focused on amplifying the good: a caring corporate culture that gives back, professional-quality products that do what they say, and great hair days from start to finish. The new Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty collection is the latest sustainable range from the brand.

What is Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty?

Today, Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty is part of its commitment to a more sustainable future. Combining organic botanicals and innovative bio-plastic packaging, Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty offers solutions that are good for hair and good for the planet. The new range embodies the John Paul Mitchell Systems four-part sustainability pledge:

  • Reduce virgin plastic
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Sustainable and ethical sourcing
  • Minimise waste to landfill

For over 40 years, sustainability has been a priority and today John Paul Mitchell Systems is committed to making company operations cleaner and greener to preserve the beauty of the world around us. Decreasing its use of virgin plastic, reducing our carbon footprint and adopting ethical sourcing. Discover more about its sustainability pledge here.

Sourced From Nature

Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty formulas are handcrafted with the highest level of natural origin without compromising professional performance. The botanical ingredients are sourced from a biodynamic open lab farm in Italy. The open-air green research lab consists of 21 hectares of farmland used for the organic farming of plants and allows the brand to test the best organic ingredients.

Every ingredient in each Clean Beauty product is calculated to determine how much of the ingredient comes from natural materials. If an ingredient contains more than 50% of natural carbon content, it is considered naturally derived. The natural origin calculations come from an internationally recognized method of calculation, the ISO 16128 Standard. Each Clean Beauty product has its customized percentage with 78% or more natural origin, and the rest consists of scientific performance- driven ingredients.

Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty

Bio-Based Packaging

Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty uses an innovative bio-based packaging that is 90% derived from Brazilian sugarcane and 100% recyclable. Growing sugarcane for use in bio-plastic offsets carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that is harmful to the planet and a leading cause of global warming. Unlike traditional petroleum-based plastic, bio-plastic eliminates more carbon than it emits, making it a carbon-negative packaging solution.

Paul Mitchell Clean BeautyRenewable Energy

The Clean Beauty packaging and formulas are manufactured using renewable energy sources (such as solar and water power) which are more environmentally friendly than non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels (i.e., coal, oil and natural gas) which contribute to climate change by releasing carbon dioxide into the air when burned.

The Four Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Categories


Good for all hair types, Everday is infused with aloe vera to soothe and moisturise strands and organic, cold-pressed argan oil to nourish hair with antioxidants for added protection and shine. This vegan everyday regimen leaves all hair types shiny, soft and manageable.


Get fragile, damaged hair on a strengthening routine. These vegan, reparative products are formulated with organic amaranth extract to moisturize hair and vegan pea protein to restructure and repair brittle strands.


Give dry, thirsty hair the moisture it needs. This vegan moisturizing shampoo and conditioner team are infused with organic olive to restore hydration and shine, and oat peptide to rebuild and strengthen hair.


Help frizzy hair chill with vegan products designed to help smooth things over. Enriched with organic, cold-pressed almond oil to soothe and condition hair and hyaluronic acid to provide essential hydration.

Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty is available exclusively from Salon Success

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