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Three Ways to Ensure Your Hair Salon Business Thrives This Winter

by laurahusband / last updated October 21, 2020

hair salon business winter

There are three main ways to ensure your hair salon business thrives this winter, according to Ben Fisher, founder and CEO at Beu

Autumn has crept in without any warning and the oppressive heat of the last few months seems a far cry from the falling leaves and changing light we are seeing right now. For most of you, this period will lead up to one of the busiest times of the year. We are still living in the shadow of the pandemic, but as we know what to expect the outlook isn’t so bleak. How can you take advantage of the increase in clients coming your way? Here are three suggestions for keeping up with the seasonal rush…

1.Help your hair salon business thrive this winter by: Mastering communication

How do you engage with your clients? Do you rely on word of mouth for new clients and in-person reminders for your regular ones? Now more than ever there is an increasing need to go digital, not only to keep up with the rapidly changing pandemic restrictions, but also to adapt to less physical social contact. Regardless of whether you prefer to keep your clients up-to-date via Instagram or Facebook, you can add a ‘book now button with Beu that will take your clients directly to your new Beu profile and will show off your services. Not only will they be able to make an appointment, but they can also browse your portfolio of cuts and treatments, view up-to-date information on pricing and services and get directions straight to your salon.

2.Help your hair salon business thrive this winter by: Making wellbeing a priority

The hair and beauty industry allows clients to improve their own sense
of wellbeing, but you need to make sure, now more than ever, that you are being kind to yourselves and leading by example. Research has shown depression rates doubled over lockdown and with plummeting temperatures and the long, dark nights drawing in, mindfulness has never been more critical. Ensure you schedule enough ‘me-time’ into each day to escape the daily stress and challenges you face such as wearing hot PPE all day, to keep your mind sharp and calm. Whether it’s a five- minute meditation or a 30-minute walk that recalibrates your wellbeing, use Beu to schedule in breaks so clients can’t book during those critical recharge windows that allow you to breathe.

3.Help your hair salon business thrive this winter by: Confronting social media-phobia

Do you have clients who won’t engage in social media? Perhaps you have clients who are security conscious mavericks with private profiles or social media detoxers who are escaping long-held addictions, gracing your chair from time to time. How much of your beautifully designed menu do they miss by not having access to your social media channels? How can you show off your hard-earned skills without a platform that hosts your creativity as well as your clients? With Beu, each salon, stylist or therapist can have their
own profile, which includes a photo portfolio to display examples of their best work in the salon. The best thing about it is there is no need for clients to have a social media profile to view the content. If you haven’t uploaded your portfolio online, now’s your chance to show off what you can really do. Oh, did I mention it’s all free?

This is sponsored post by Beu. Visit beuapp.com to set up your salon today because winter is coming!


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