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How To Provide A Great Client Experience With Salon Social Restrictions In Place

by charlottegw / last updated April 27, 2021


COVID-19 social restrictions such as no hugs, social distancing and smiles behind face coverings will be in place for some time to come in the salon, but it is still possible to provide a great client experience explains NHBF director Tina Beaumont-Goddard.

If you want to create the perfect client experience, NHBF director Tina Beaumont-Goddard suggests contacting clients in advance to explain the steps you have taken to make their appointment as safe and stress-free as possible. She says: “This will also ensure they know what to expect and will also give them the chance to raise any concerns or questions they might have.”

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Do a thorough consultation

You may not have seen your client for a while, so book extra time to make sure you understand their needs and expectations, says Tina. “Never assume that your client will want the ‘same again’ – this is especially important after a long period of lockdown when their needs may have completely changed. And always ensure that any necessary client health care questionnaires and allergy alert/industry tests are up to date.”

Find out more about client consultations: nhbf.co.uk/client-consultation

Allergy alert tests and COVID-19 vaccines

Some clients may have heard rumours that allergy alert tests are not compatible with COVID-19 vaccinations, says Tina.

“You can reassure clients that we are not aware of any scientific evidence to support these rumours, however, some manufacturers do provide specific guidance and this should always be followed.”

Find out more about setting up a simple allergy alert testing system: nhbf.co.uk/allergy-alert-system

Don’t forget consultations can be done in advance online or over the phone. Online consultations may be particularly suitable for clients who have hearing difficulties and might find face-to-face consultations difficult if you are wearing a face mask and/or visor.

Great communications despite PPE

A genuine smile can still be seen in the eyes and good eye contact will also help, as will speaking clearly when wearing a face mask and/or visor.

“However, when clients are wearing face coverings, it can be hard to tell what they are really thinking or feeling,” says Tina. “A good tip is to be more aware of their body language. For example, fidgeting, talking very quickly or a stiff body can be signs that your client is worried or uncomfortable.

“Keep the conversation going throughout the appointment to make sure your client is happy with your health and safety measures as well as the treatment or service they are receiving.”

Don’t rush the end of the appointment

“Avoid the temptation to speed up the ‘one in, one out’ system – especially when you have to take time between appointments to clean and sanitise,” says Tina.

“Always ask your client if they are happy with everything, make sure they know about any special offers that are coming up and encourage them to make their next appointment before leaving.”

It’s also a good idea to offer new high-value clients a free or discounted extra treatment or product on their next visit.

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