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Get the Best Out of Matrix Bond Ultim8 in Your Salon

by maryforester / November 22, 2016

Bonds are key to keeping hair looking healthy and strong, they sit on a keratin chain within the cortex of the hair and maintain the hair structure. Matrix has found the perfect solution with Bond Ultim8. It allows you to protect and preserve bonds whilst colouring and lightening by reducing the oxidation process with maleic acid.

Bond Ultim8 is not only good for your client; it is good for your salon. It allows you to offer a range of services for every client, for example you can offer an extra service for your colour clients or simply offer those cut and blow dry clients a standalone treatment to give clients hair that looks healthier, feels softer and deeply nourished.

How do I use it?

Step 1

1)  Add Bond Ultim8 Step 1: Amplifier into your Matrix lightener or colour formulation using the syringe (included in the salon kit and intro kit) for accurate measurements.

2)  Follow the development times for your chosen product.

3) Rinse your Matrix lightener or colour. Do not shampoo at this stage. Blot dry the hair thoroughly using a towel.

matrix step one

Step 2

1)  Massage 15g-30g of Bond Ultim8 Step 2: Sealer, dependent on the length and density of hair, applying from roots to ends, making sure you focus on the area where the colour or lightener containing Step 1: Amplifier was applied, comb through to ensure the hair is covered.

2)  Develop for 10 minutes.

3)  Rinse thoroughly.

4) Follow on with your chosen Matrix shampoo and conditioner, dependent on the hair diagnosis.

matrix step 2

Step 3

This is a take home treatment for your client and should be used once a week before shampooing hair.

1) Apply onto wet hair.

2) Leave for 10 minutes.

3) Rinse thoroughly.

4) Follow on with chosen Matrix shampoo or conditioner.

matrix step 3

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