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Get Summer Protection With JOICO Defy Damage

by Sian Jones / last updated June 8, 2022

Hot summer days filled with sunshine are on the way so it’s time to start protecting what your clients love with JOICO Defy Damage haircare system.

During the warmer months certain dangers are heightened and hair is at risk of becoming dry, lacklustre, and dull. Clients can step up their haircare regime to prepare and shield hair from damage caused by the ravaging effects of UV exposure, environmental pollution, heated styling and more. The best way to protect hair, is to prevent damage before it even occurs, and we have the perfect solution – JOICO Defy Damage.

Hair needs to be protected day and night and the JOICO Defy Damage regimen has all bases covered. Even though hair is at more risk throughout the day in summertime, JOICO’s haircare regime works round the clock providing 24/7 damage defying hair care.

JOICO Defy Damage Shampoo, Protective Conditioner and Protective Masque will ensure hair looks and feels great and is primed for protection. For daytime fortification apply JOICO Defy Damage Protective Shield to fight those harmful UV rays and protect colour against fading. Before bed, apply Defy Damage Sleepover to replenish and nourish hair. This miracle in a bottle works by fortifying bonds to deliver softer, shinier and visibly healthier hair. JOICO Defy Damage hair hero duo are all clients need for healthy hair this summer.

Joico Defy Damage

Here’s what clients will love about our day & night damage busting heroes:

Defy Damage Protective Shield

  • Used on damp hair prior to styling, hair is fortified inside and out
  • Instant, daily protection  from  damaging  heat,  UV  and environmental exposure
  • Makes hair 4x more resistant to breakage during heat styling (against combing breakage on clean damaged hair)
  • Protects against colour fade
  • Thermal protection up to 232 degrees C
  • Leaves hair soft, shiny, and looking healthy 

Defy Damage Sleepover

  • Nourishes hair and strengthens bonds while you sleep*
  • Reduces the appearance of split ends
  • Instantly softens & smooths hair
  • Boosts shine
Protects against pollution**

Protect what you love with JOICO.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with JOICO

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