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Get Ready to Take Client’s Colour to the Next Dimension

by laurahusband / last updated June 1, 2021

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Get ready to take colour to the next dimension with Goldwell LightDimensions, which contains a powerful lifting performance while making the hair feel super healthy.

How can you take your client’s colour to the next dimension?

LightDimensions is Goldwell’s new and improved lightening product range that will take your client’s colour to the next dimension. It features superior technology and performance. The new range boasts powerful lifting of up to 9 levels, enabling you to create the most flexible and free-hand solutions for your client.

The Silk Proteins and IntraLipid technology guarantee the healthiest hair feeling on the market for your client. The range is also integrated with BondPro+ technology to strengthen hair, as well as helping to protect from breakage.

Take colour to the next dimension with Goldwell SilkLift

Four different lightening powders that offer the best hair condition after a lightening service for ultra shiny, soft and smooth hair.

With SilkLift Strong, 9% is the new 12%. You will benefit from the same lifting performance with 9% developer in a 45-minute processing time compared to other market-leading lightening powders at 12%.

Why does Nicola Smyth love Goldwell SilkLift?

“The consistency of the product in the bowl is fantastic as it’s similar to applying a tint. The accuracy of the end colour result is always easy to predict and from a creative point of view it means I can lift and tone in one-step which increases my salon revenue. SilkLift for condition, shine and accuracy is a must-have for me. It allows me to be successful in toning and pre-lightening for durable and long-lasting results.”

Nicola Smyth, Nicola Smyth Hair Salon

What is Brightener?

The new Brightener is the perfect finish for your lightening results. It contains a controlled amount of lift of up to 1.5 levels. Plus, it softens contrasts for the most naturally blended looks and it is a great addition to your menu as you have an interim service that will enhance the root area and keep your colour work looking fresh.

2 Brightener Options for You and Your Clients

Brightener Natural – For levels 7-9

Brightener Silver – For levels 5-7

What is Goldwell’s commitment to sustainability?

LightDimensions reflects Goldwell’s commitment to sustainability. The new SilkLift packaging has been transformed from a traditional box to a FSC-certified foldable pouch made of 80% less plastic, reducing the waste volume by 85%. All folding boxes are produced under climate neutral conditions.

This is a sponsored post by Goldwell. For more information, call 020 3540 1200 or speak to your Kao Salon Account Manager.

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