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The Brand-New System Blonde Full Intro Kit For Every Type of Blonde from ASP

by charlottegw / last updated January 26, 2022

ASP system blonde range

ASP Expert Haircare has launched their System Blonde range – consisting of all the tools you need to create and maintain bright, beautiful blondes for your client every single time.

Now more than ever, blonde hair is not a one-size-fits-all service – it’s all about bespoke blonding techniques and there’s a movement about Gen Z away from millennial-style blondes.

Whatever your client is requesting, you can say goodbye to unwanted yellow and orange tones and hello to beautiful clean blonde hair. Whether you’re creating a classic, freehand or creative look – System Blonde has a product for you.

The Brand-New System Blonde Full Intro Kit really is for every kind of blonde. Building on the positive feedback of the ASP System Blonde range, the brand has now bought out a kit that consists of absolutely everything you need and want.

The full intro kit contains…

  • System Blonde Ultra-Lifting Powder Lightener 500g
  • System Blonde High Performance Powder Lightener Blue 500g
  • System Blonde Ammonia-Free Powder Lightener Blue 500g
  • System Blonde Ammonia-Free Créme Lightener 250g
  • System Blonde Anti-Yellow Lightening Additive 80g
  • 3% 10VOL, 6% 20VOL & 9% 30VOL Créme Developers 250ml
  • System Blonde Anti-Yellow Shampoo 1000ml
  • System Blonde Anti-Orange Shampoo 1000ml
  • System Blonde Maintenance Conditioner 1000ml
  • System Blonde Anti-Yellow Masque 500ml
  • System Blonde Anti-Orange Masque 500ml
  • 24 x System Blonde Anti-Yellow Shampoo/Conditioner Sachets 10ml
  • 24 x System Blonde Antio-Orange Shampoo/Conditioner Sachets 10ml
  • 3 x System Blonde Ultra-Lifting Powder Lightener Sachets 40g

    RRP: £191.30
    Regional stockists can be found at asphair.com/trade-locator or bought directly via asphair.com

    This is a sponsored post in collaboration with ASP. 

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