How to Achieve Instagram-Friendly Colour That Wows in Real Life

by kate woods / last updated October 16, 2018

When it comes to hair colour and client expectations, Instagram has a lot to answer for.

Not only do your clients now expect the richest, most vibrant colour, they expect it to shine and they want results that last. It also needs to be applied in the latest techniques for a multi-tonal effect that looks as good in real life as it does on a feed.

It’s a big ask.

To help you to satisfy those demands, Goldwell have collaborated with the colour experts at Fuji Film to create @Pure Pigments, using revolutionary HD³ Dye Technology.

The innovative technology comes in six concentrated colours – Pure Yellow, Pure Orange, Pure Red, Pure Violet, Pearl Blue and Matte Green – and creates long-lasting, multi-dimensional colour results and extraordinary shine from all angles.

Your clients can expect:

  • 63% more shine*
  • Colour intensity boosted by up to three times**
  • Twice the resistance to colour fade***

To open up an infinite world of colour possibilities, @Pure Pigments can be combined with Goldwell’s colour brands Top Chic, Colorance and Netaya; there are also three insta-friendly Elumenated Hair Colour Services that will bring out the very best in your colour business.

Five Steps to the Perfect Instagam Hair Colour Photo

  • Make sure the colour is on point
    If you’re sharing your work on Instagram then make sure that the colour choice is spot on for the client and that the technique is well executed. If you’re balayaging or merging colours, no one wants to see a definite line. Using multiple tones of @Pure Pigments to create iridescent and holographic effects is guaranteed to get plenty of likes.
  • Step away from the filters
    It’s tempting to use filters to make your work look even better, but your clients want to know what their colour is really going to look like in the real world. An over-filtered account may look fantastic, but it’s only going to result in you having to seriously manage some client expectations. @Pure Pigments’ colour results mean there’s no need to add digital enhancements to create a wow factor.
  • Use good lighting
    A lighting ring won’t break the bank and it will help you to take the photos that really showcase your colour work. If you’d rather not invest, natural light is your best friend. Find an area of the salon close to the windows, make sure you have a backdrop that works and voila! you have your own salon selfie wall.
  • Focus on the eyes
    Yes, you want to show off the beautiful blends of your colour work at the back of the hair, but it’s always eye contact that grabs your attention when you’re scrolling through a feed. The vivid brilliance of @Pure Pigments make it perfect for the face-framing pieces that create a wow factor in in both the digital world and your clients’ day-to-day worlds.
  • Blow dry it straight to show off the quality of your work
    Curls and waves look glamorous on the red carpet and are pretty for a night out so it’s no wonder they’ve been such a hit on Instagram. But a wavy blowdry is the perfect way to hide a multiple of colour sins. If you want to really showcase your colour blends to attract new clients, a straight blow dry can be far more impactful.

Are you ready to create colour results that have never been seen before? Contact03301 239530  to discover how you can transform your colour business.

This is a sponsored feature in association with Goldwell.

*Based on shine measurement: TC 6N in combination with @PP Yellow, Orange, Red and Violet compared to TC 6N at max. recommended usage amount
**Based on Chroma measurements TC + @PP (Yellow, Red, Orange, Violet) vs. TC + standard mix shades at max. recommended usage amount
***Average value of TC + @PP vs. TC + standard mix shades, at max. recommended usage amount


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