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    Who is Your Male Style Icon?

    I had a few friends over for dinner at the weekend and we started talking about celebrities and how easily they set trends and how youngsters — especially girls — want to emulate their style and look.

    One topic we debated was male style icons — who has stood the test of time and who is the ultimate male style icon.

    I suggested James Dean, another mentioned David Bowie and someone threw Liam Gallagher into the conversation. We all had our own ideas of what made a male style icon — so I ask you this: Who is your male style icon and why? Ruth@HJi x

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    • emil

      It might sound corny, but as I grew up in the 70’s, my absolute style icon was Marc Bolan! To make it even more corny , he still is, and if I didn’t have a receding hairline I would be there with my corkscrew hair floating down my back, I would be wearing the silk trousers, which would be ever so slightly snug, of course I would be wearing glitter around my ever so slightly wrinkled eyes, and naturally I would be the envy of every male in town!!! Isn’t it fantastic when your childhood icon becomes your adult hero!

    • Shirley gore

      Enter comments I agree with James dean! He started the trend with his hairstyle, and it is amazing how so many years later, men are wearing their hair in the exact same style! I love James Dean, and I am a big fan of his!