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    What's Hot on HJi's Hair-o-Meter?

    Who has had head-turning hair and who has had stomach-churning hair in the past seven days?

    thermo2.gif Burning up…
    Gone are her anti-glamour limp locks – Gwyneth Paltrow has been papped looking every inch the Hollywood yummy mummy this week. With golden highlights, a shorter, sexy wave, and a pair of killer heels to show off her endless pins, it’s the makeover of the year so far! “I suppose it’s a comeback in a way because I definitely was hibernating for a while and I feel that now I am coming back into the world,” Gwynnie told the transfixed members of press.
    From working at her local chippie to rocking the runways, it-model Agyness Deyn has pioneered the revival of the peroxide blonde crop. No longer the preserve of dodgy ‘80s dance acts (remember Yazz anyone?) ‘the Agy’ has been mimicked by some of London’s hippest starlets from the coolest Geldof sister, Pixie, to Vivienne Westwood model and edgy actress Jaime Winstone.
    Yes, she’s a style icon and yes, she is gorgeous, but the ever-controversial Kate Moss has been looking less than lovely this week. What happened to that lash-skimming sexy fringe? We love Kate’s rock chick style but bedraggled, backcombed and just plain greasy is simply not nice.
    As La Winehouse ricochets from one drama to another, her beehive is looking more like a bird nest this week, and we fear she’s fast going to become a regular fixture on the chillier end of our hair-o-meter. OK, so the lady’s got problems, but she’s also got a team of stylists at her beck and call. Get the experts in and sort it out Amy, please!
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