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    Vote for Lady Gaga's Hottest Style

    Lady Gaga has worn more extreme hair styles over the past year than most artists sport in their entire career. Vote for your favourite look from this ecclectic selection.

    The top four styles will be revealed in HJ on 4 December 2009 along with comments from expert hairdressers.

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    Hair frisbee hat 

    Either a brave move or a moment of madness, this hair hat style meant that Lady G had to tilt her head back every time she spoke to anyone.

    Asymmetric bob and plaits

    This asymmetric style has been teamed with a chic plaited headband along with a full plaited dress and a quirky, hairy balloon dog bag.

    Heavy fringe and lengths

    A heavy fringe and lengths combo is complemented with muppets-style, thick lashes, an ice white dress and matching hair accessory.

    Tousled bob

    This romantic tousled bob is quite subtle for the queen of extremes. Teamed with movie-star shades, she looks like a Hollywood lovely.

    Hair bow 

    A Lady Gaga classic, the hair bow has inspired designers as well as the high street and put the singer firmly on the hair style map.

    Hair halo

    With religious imagery and Ziggy Stardust as inspiration, this red lace and hair halo style is theatrical but is it fabulous? 

    Wide load

    The Paparazzi singer is channelling the 80s and Japanese culture with this severe, mega-wide bob and fringe combination.

    60s bouffant

    Austin Powers would love this sexy, 60s bouffant complete with space-age shades. Pale pearly lips and a russet jacket complete the look.

    • Lady Gaga is amazing and doesn’t deserve any of the abuse she gets. There will usually be pretenders but Lady Gaga is going to be around for keeps