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    Latin Fever on the Celebrity Hair-o-Meter

    Ain’t it Funny how a whole host of latino lovelies stepped out with beautiful long glossy locks this week.

    We’re guessing that even lovely J-Lo herself wouldn’t find a lot to smile about with the monstrosities propping up the table though – and what’s going on when a Sex in the City superstar gets it oh so wrong?

    These are our hairstyle hits and horror shows of the last couple of weeks.


    thermo2.gif Sassy Diva’s…
    Selena Gomez

    Young Disney actress Selena Gomez looks fantastic with her full body voluminous locks. The accents of caramel add the wow factor to this ample do that beautuful frames Selena’s petite face.

    Ana Ortiz

    Ugly Betty star Ana Ortiz is definitely glowing from pregnancy and it’s just not her pretty face we’re loving – her dark glossy wavy locks have has won us over too.

    Ana Ortiz Celeb.jpg
    Jennifer Lopez

    It seems the lovely Jennifer Lopez has been shunning the limelight lately but any real diva knows that when its time for a comeback it’s got to be done right and J-Lo does just that with her casual ‘no I haven’t made any effort, honest’ lovely, long caramel tresses..

    Jennifer Lopez
    Cynthia Nixon

    Cynthia Nixon had obviously lost Sex and the City fever when she decided to step out with this curl horror. The colour change isn’t a big hit with us here at HJi either, we preferred you a fiery red Ms Nixon.

    Cynthia Nixon
    Jo Brand

    Maybe this was a comedy stunt for comedian Jo Brand but something tells us she’s actually serious about this purple mixed with red and natural grey hues…well she has always been able to make us laugh.

    Jo Brand
    Celia Weston

    We can’t believe brave actress Celia Weston walked on to the red carpet with this frizz mane! Dry and straggly we recommend this barnet gets some deep conditioning help.

    Celia Weston.jpg
    …Tame the Shameful

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