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    Vote for Madonna's Hottest Look!

    Madonna is the queen of hair transformations and over the years she’s sported everything from bright bleached crops to long flowing lengths.

    Lady Gaga might be rocking artsy, avant garde styles but Madonna was the first star to experiment with extreme style changes leading the way for young popsters and she still keeps us guessing at the age of 51.


    Vote for your favourite Madonna style from the list below and the winning looks will appear in a future celebrity style feature in HJ.

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    Croydon Facelift

    Now experiencing a revival, this pulled-back style with swishing ponytail is a Madonna classic.

    Straight Brunette

    Madge sometimes flirts with the dark side and this warm brunette style teamed with red lippy must be closer to her natural shade.  

    Desparately Seeking Scrunch

    The original Madonna that we all fell in love with playing a sassy drifter in Desparately Seeking Susan. Looks a bit crunchy but it’s pure 80s chic.

    Hollywood Waves 

    An attempt to look like a Hollywood leading lady, these Veronica Lake waves smacked of Madonna wanting to be taken more seriously.

    Who’s That Do

    An attempt to give the iconic Marylin Monroe high-blonde wave an 80s update. She kept her eyebrows bushy and black to give a Madonna twist to the style.   

    Soft Waves

    A gentler look for the star, these waves are perfect for Madonna’s charity trips. It has a slight hippy vibe and gives lovely movement to her locks.  

    Blonde Bouffant

    Madonna has been sporting a more subtle wave in recent months, sometimes opting for Valley of the Dolls volume for a sexy 60s vibe.

    Poodle Perm

    Another 80s look, school girls fell in love with this style and Madonna helped perm sales go through the roof.

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