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    Red Carpet Hair: People's Choice Awards 2012

    Award-season got off to a glamorous start with the 2012 People’s Choice Awards. And although multiple prize-winner, Katy Perry, wasn’t on hand to pick her up awards, there was no shortage of glamour on the red carpet. 

    Philip Bell, artistic director of Ishoka, Aberdeen, shares his thoughts on the hairstyle hits and misses at this year’s People’s Choice Awards.
    Ashley Green 

    Beautiful hair – the tones in the lengths complement her skin tone brilliantly and the shine and soft waves suit her overall look perfectly.  

    Nina Dobrev 

    This is absolutely stunning and suits Nina perfectly. I’m not a huge fan of long straight hair usually, but this is gorgeous. The style is helped with an amazing colour which oozes shines and fabulous condition and goes to shows that sometimes simple is best. 

    Miley Cyrus 

    This is a gorgeous colour on Miley – a great mix of tones and shades and she’s also managed to pull off a very glamorous look while still keep it young. 

    Lea Michele 

    Lea’s looks is very natural and there’s a great shine to her hair. That said, I think she could have done something a little more interesting with her hair – maybe a soft chignon would have worked. 


    Kirsten Bell 

    I like this look but I think it should be more polished – even casual waves need a little polish! Her partings all over the place – it’s just too soft and unkempt-looking.  

    Julianne Hough 

    Beautiful – the perfect balance of softness and glamour. Julianne’s hair colour is perfect for her skin tone and her make up just finishes the look perfectly. 

    Elisha Cuthbert 

    This style is just a bit too soft and unstructured for her dress – I’d be worried it might be poker straight by the end of the night.

    Kelly Osbourne 

    I like this tone on Kelly and if anyone can carry off this look, it’s her. I would like to see her change her make up though – it’s too warm and the lips are too red for this shade. If she opted for something cooler then the hair would really make a statement. 

    Chloe Mortez 
    I like the young feel of this look with the soft plait through the front. Chloe’s age-appropriate style is great thanks to the fact that the hair is very natural-looking and her make-up is light and soft.

    Demi Lovato 

    I like the height and soft tendrils which soften Demi’s face shape.  Again it’s unstructured, but it works well as a red carpet look for this event. 

    people-choice-6.jpgJennifer Morrison 

    This is one of my favourite looks. Soft, feminine and a perfect choice to complement her outfit and the colour works well too. 

    Ginnifer Goodwin 

    I like Ginnifer’s look, which just shows how versatile short hair can be. I would have preferred the parting and wave to be a bit more defined, but I love the softness around the edges.

     Emma Stone

    I love the copper colour with Emma’s fabulous green eyes. The length suits her face shape but I feel the styling is a little understated for an awards show.

    Busy Phillips

    She normally looks fantastic, but this style is too severe and too tight for Busy – she needs softness. The slicked-back shape makes her shoulders look enormous.

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